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Daily Archives: January 17, 2016

Donald Trump May Sue Ted Cruz over Presidential Eligibility: ‘When I File Suits, I File Real Suits’

Donald Trump hinted at a possible lawsuit against Sen. Ted Cruz, promising that it would a legitimate suit because he only files winners. Trump has been attacking Cruz on his Canadian birth, suggesting that he isn’t a “natural born U.S. … Read More

Schumer: Trump ‘Right on the Money’ Defending NY

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) praised Donald Trump for defending “New York values” against Sen. Ted Cruz’s strange attack against the city. “I’m a Democrat, but Donald Trump did a very good job defending New York,” Schumer told host John Catsimatidis … Read More

Trump Takes Credit for Iran Prisoner Release

Remember that Iran-U.S. Navy debacle? Donald Trump is taking credit for the speedy release of the sailors. “So I’ve been hitting them hard, and I think I might have had something to do with it,” Trump said at the South … Read More

Trump Video Explains How to Caucus in Iowa

Donald Trump has released a new video telling voters how to caucus for him in the upcoming primaries. “If you can write T-R-U-M-P, you have just caucused for Donald Trump, the only candidate who can make America great again,” says … Read More

Poll: Sanders Outperforms Clinton in Matchup Against Trump

As the polls heat up, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is having flashbacks to 2008 where she lost to the underdog candidate. In a recent poll by NBC News /WSJ, Bernie Sanders managed to beat Trump by a respectable margin in a … Read More

Sanders: I Have a ‘Good Chance to Win This Election’

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said on Sunday that he is confident that he can win the election. “We started this campaign, as you well know, at like 3 percent in the polls,” Sanders said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” … Read More