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Daily Archives: January 18, 2016

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Accuses Bernie Sanders of Being a Tool of the NRA

Hillary Clinton’s desperation became abundantly clear during Sunday night’s Democratic debate. As she attacked Bernie Sanders on every major issue, the Vermont senator blasted back, exposing Clinton for the ruse that she is. She targeted Sanders for being a drone … Read More

Guitarist Carlos Santana Compares Donald Trump to a Furious Poop-Slinging Ape in Hilarious Open Letter

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana wrote an open letter to Donald Trump that he posted on his Facebook page. The letter, which was obtained by Clutch, blasted Trump for being a poop-slinging ape that only cared about being loud in his conquest to … Read More

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Explodes After Hillary Clinton Accuses Him of Wanting to Kill Obamacare

Bernie Sanders tore into Hillary Clinton during Sunday night’s debate after she accused him of wanting to destroy healthcare. Sanders went on the offensive, blasting Clinton for doing nothing and for her ridiculous claims that he wanted to somehow take … Read More

Hours Before Debate, Sanders Releases Medicare-For-All Plan

Hours before Sunday’s Democratic debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders released his official healthcare plan. Sander’s healthcare plan would provide a universal system ran by the government that would cover all citizens, similar to the one that currently exists for senior citizens. … Read More

Trump on God: ‘I Don’t Like to Have to Ask for Forgiveness’

Donald Trump likes to play pretend with Republican voters, convincing them that he is a perfect zealot, ready to die for his religion. In reality, Trump only has one religion, the almighty U.S. Dollar. In an interview with CNN, Trump … Read More

Clinton’s ‘No Individual Too Big to Jail’ Tweet Backfires

Hillary Clinton tried to be savvy on Twitter on Sunday night when she tweeted about how there was “no individual too big to jail.” Twitter users quickly lashed out at Clinton and said that her tagline perfectly described her situation. … Read More

Ivanka Trump Cuts Radio Ad for Dad

Ivanka Trump is now being featured in a radio ad where she defends her father and his ability to lead the United States. “When I was a young girl, my father Donald Trump always told me that I could do … Read More

U.S. To Pay Iran $1.7 Billion in Legal Settlement

The United States has agreed to pay a $1.7 billion legal settlement with Iran over Iranian funds they froze dating back to the Iranian revolution. The U.S. State Department announced the government’s plan to pay Iran $1.7 billion, adjusted for … Read More

Best Lines of the Fourth Democratic Debate

Sunday’s Democratic debate saw several notable lines from the two major candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. In a debate that critics called a victory for Sanders, Clinton had many memorable lines that will only spark the intense rivalry forming … Read More

John Kerry: Sailors Footage Made Me ‘Angry’

John Kerry tore into Iran and their decision to release a propaganda video involving the U.S. sailors they recently captured. He said the footage made him “very, very frustrated.” “I was very angry. I was very, very frustrated and angry … Read More