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Daily Archives: January 20, 2016

Trump Supporter to Admit His ‘N****r Obama’ Poster Is ‘a Little Racist’

Donald Trump supporters are known to be a racist bunch. A black reporter recently interviewed Steve Bowman, a Trump supporter, who was holding a “n*gger Obama” sign, and got him to admit that his sign a was a “little” bit … Read More

Seth Meyers Explains Why Young Voters Love Bernie Sanders: He’s Entered ‘the Betty White Zone’

Seth Meyers offered a hilarious explanation as to why young voters love Sen. Bernie Sanders. He suggested that Sanders had entered the “Betty White zone.” “That’s right, it’s 2008 all over again — a young, handsome, charismatic challenger has entered … Read More

Larry Wilmore Rips Trump for Trying to ‘Close the Deal’ with Evangelicals: ‘Come on God, Are You out of Lightning Bolts?’

Larry Wilmore made fun of Donald Trump for his efforts to pander to Evangelicals on Monday. Previously, Trump suggested that he had “a very great relationship with God.” “Am I the only one seeing how transparent this is?” Wilmore said. … Read More

Judge Rules Against Obama on ‘Fast and Furious’

A federal Judge ruled against President Barack Obama’s “Fast and Furious” gun-tracking program on Thursday, citing that the president couldn’t exercise executive privilege. The decision was handed down by U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who ordered the administration … Read More

Nearly 10 Percent of College Grads Think Judge Judy Is on Supreme Court

They never said you need to be a genius to have a college degree. A new poll found that 10 percent of college graduates believed Judge Judy served on the Supreme Court. The poll, titled, A Crisis in Civic Education, asked 1,000 adults … Read More

Clinton’s Lead Narrows Nationally

Hillary Clinton continues to struggle in the polls as Bernie Sanders gains on her nationally. In the latest Monmouth University poll, Clinton took home 52 percent of the vote, down 7 points from December, while Sanders secured 37 percent, up … Read More

Ivanka Trump Cuts Ad for Father

Republican presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump has a sketchy record with women and he is trying to fix that by having his daughter appear in his campaign ads. “When I was a young girl, my father, Donald Trump, always … Read More

Five ‘Bright’ Planets Set to Align in Dawn Sky

Five bright planets are set to align, starting this morning and ending on Feb. 20, in the early morning sky. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, will all be visible due to this rare occurrence, the last of which took … Read More

Trump and Sanders Using Anger Against Big Money to Build Their Movements

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders may be running for politically opposite parties, but they share a common dislike for Wall Street and big money. In the past, Trump happily discussed his ability to buy politicians before he became one himself. … Read More

Trump Lands Palin Endorsement

Donald Trump has officially landed Sarah Palin’s endorsement in 2016. “I am here because I know, like you, it is now or never. I am in it to win it because we believe in America,” Palin said to supporters as … Read More