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Daily Archives: January 21, 2016

Trevor Noah: Palin’s Bonkers Speech at Trump Rally Was Like a Bag of Scrabble Tiles Came to Life

Trevor Noah made fun of Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald trump during Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Show. He suggested that Palin’s announcement was like a bag of Scrabble tiles coming to life. “The only thing Sarah Palin hates more than … Read More

Titlecapitalization.ComWATCH: Trump Joins Palin in Blaming Obama for Her Son’s Domestic Violence Arrest

Donald Trump joined Sarah Palin on Wednesday in blaming President Barack Obama for her son’s PTSD. Speaking with CNN’s Don Lemon, Trump blamed Obama for not caring enough. “There was tremendous press and I think it’s something that’s very important … Read More

Huckabee Slams Cruz for Campaigning at Home of Gay NYC Businessmen

Mike Huckabee has pulled the religion card on Ted Cruz after he slammed Cruz for campaigning at the home of two gay businessmen from New York City. I'll never play political games with my faith. We shouldn't say one thing for … Read More

Obama Considers Campaign Finance Executive Order

President Barack Obama is considering new executive action against current campaign finance laws. When elected, Obama promised campaign finance reform, but has largely disappointed his supporters with his lack of action on the issue. “This action is long overdue and … Read More

Trump Aide: He’s a ‘Person of Deep Faith’

Donald Trump and his team continue to try and pull a fast one over the eyes of Evangelicals throughout the United States. It all started with Trump bringing his Bible to a rally a few months back, his recent reading … Read More

Sanders Spotlights New Climate Data: ‘The Debate Is Over’

Sen. Bernie Sanders believes the climate change debate is over once and for all after NOAA reported that 2015 was the hottest year on record. “This planet and its people are in trouble” he warned. “Unless we get our act … Read More

Trump Nears 50 Percent in Florida Poll

Donald Trump increased his lead in Florida, tripling Ted Cruz’s total and quadrupling both Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush’s support totals. Trump took home 48 percent of the vote, while Cruz netted 16 percent, Rubio 11 percent, and Bush 9.5 … Read More

Ted Nugent: Hang Obama and Clinton

Super conservative Ted Nugent knows how to be the awkward one in the room. On Wednesday he called for both President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to be “tried for treason and hung” over Benghazi. “Our unholy rotten soulless criminal … Read More

Ron Paul: It’s ‘Realistic’ That Trump Will Be GOP Nominee

As the Republican primaries inch closer, establishment Republicans are forced to come to terms with the reality that is Donald Trump. “If I had a limited sum of money that I thought was a sure bet, I probably wouldn’t invest … Read More

Palin Says Son’s Arrest Linked to PTSD, Obama’s Stance on Vets

Sarah Palin’s son was arrested earlier in the week and she somehow found a way to blame President Barack Obama. Speaking during a Donald Trump rally on Wednesday, Palin blasted Obama, saying that he gave the impression he didn’t care … Read More