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Daily Archives: January 31, 2016

Cruz: Trump May Owe ‘Billions’ in Loans

Ted Cruz took a shot at Donald Trump on Sunday, suggesting that Trump owed “hundreds of millions or even billions” in unpaid loans. “If you look at his financial disclosure, he owes at least $480 million right now, and it … Read More

Sanders: Iowa Could Be ‘One of the Biggest Political Upsets’ Ever

Bernie Sanders is hopeful that he will be able to win Iowa on Monday and he anticipates that the state will be the stage for one of the biggest political upsets in recent years. “Well, Jake, you know, when we … Read More

Sanders: No Surprise ‘Establishment’ Washington Post Doesn’t Like Me

Bernie Sanders fired back at the Washington Post after they wrote a negative editorial about him. He suggested that he wasn’t loved by the establishment and anything that had close ties to Wall Street. “I am not greatly beloved by the … Read More

Iowa’s Secretary of State Rips Cruz over Campaign Mailer

Ted Cruz, desperate to overtake Donald Trump in Iowa, sent residents of Iowa a mailer encouraging them to vote by grading them on their past voting tendencies, an act which violates Iowa’s election laws. “Today I was shown a piece … Read More

Trump Gives $100K to Group That Trains Dogs to Help Veterans

Donald Trump skipped Thursday night’s GOP debate in order to present a $100,000 check to a group that trains dogs for veterans. Trump decided to support the Puppy Jake Foundation during a campaign event in Davenport, Iowa, with Liberty University … Read More

Trump: Cruz Is a ‘Total Liar’

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are far from friends. While they may have complimented each other in the past, they are now at war. On Sunday, Trump blasted Cruz, calling him a “total liar.” “Look, Ted Cruz is a total … Read More