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Daily Archives: February 5, 2016

Cruz: Trump ‘Rattled’ by Iowa Loss

Ted Cruz suggested that Donald Trump was rattled by his recent victory in Iowa. “Donald Trump is very rattled right now. He told the entire world he was going to win Iowa and he didn’t win. His reaction was to … Read More

Poll: Sanders Holds 2-to-1 Lead over Clinton in NH

Bernie Sanders continues to dominate Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, holding a 2-1 lead over her. According to the latest CNN/WMUR poll, Sanders has 61 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 30 percent. The Hill reports: Since the January poll, … Read More

Des Moines Register Calls for Audit of Sanders-Clinton Result in Iowa

The only group to declare Iowa a victory was Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Anyone else with a sensible mind knows that the caucus system is heavily flawed and that coin tosses should never dictate the future political history of the country. The … Read More

Sanders Beats Clinton in January Fundraising

The latest campaign financial reports for Bernie Sanders have revealed that he outraised Hillary Clinton in January. Throughout January, Sanders managed to raise $20 million, while Clinton only brought in $15 million. “We invested early in organizing and that investment … Read More

Megyn Kelly to Return as Fox Debate Host Despite Trump Feud

If Donald Trump thought he could get rid of Megyn Kelly by throwing a tantrum, he was wrong. Kelly will return to the next GOP debate, despite her feud with Trump. The Hill reports: The network announced the details for … Read More

Sanders: Even on Our Worst Day, We Are 100 Times Better than GOP

Last night’s Democratic debate was a heated one, but Bernie Sanders earned the greatest applause when he bashed the GOP, and not his rival, Hillary Clinton. “On our worst days … we are 100 times better than any Republican candidate,” … Read More

Sanders: I’m the Most Electable

Bernie Sanders is adamant that he is more electable than Hillary Clinton based on their past records and his commitment to following through on his beliefs. “Democrats win when there is a large voter turnout,” said Sanders, laying out his theory … Read More

Chelsea Clinton Calls Bernie ‘President Sanders’ in Awkward Slip

Chelsea Clinton had an embarrassing slip of the tongue on Wednesday when she accidentally called Bernie Sanders “President Sanders.” When responding to a question about Sander’s platform, she briefly addressed him as the president. “I hope not ‘President’ Sanders!’ ” Clinton … Read More

Poll: Sanders Nearly Tied with Clinton Nationwide

Bernie Sanders continues to build momentum on the campaign trail. According to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, Sanders is now virtually tied with Hillary Clinton nationwide. “Democrats nationwide are feeling the Bern as Sen. Bernie Sanders closes a 31-point gap … Read More

Trump Ignores GOP Rivals, Swings at Obama

Donald Trump’s absence from the spotlight was brief at best. The billionaire decided to focus on President Barack Obama and not his Republican rivals on Thursday. “We have a president who can’t get anybody to do anything,” he said during … Read More