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Daily Archives: March 2, 2016

Sanders Pledges to Win ‘Many Hundreds of Delegates’

Bernie Sanders may not have come out on top of Super Tuesday, but he pledged to his supporters to continue his campaign and promised that he would win “many hundreds of delegates.” Sanders stresses the proportional delegate count of tonight's … Read More

Graham: GOP May Have to Rally Around Ted Cruz

Oh how beautiful is the drama that surrounds the GOP. Sen. Lindsey Graham suggested on Wednesday that the Republican Party will more than likely have to rally around Ted Cruz if they want to defeat Donald Trump. Graham: "We may … Read More

Ex-DNC Official Says She Was Warned Against Breaking from Clinton

Tulsi Gabbard resigned from her leadership post with the Democratic National Committee last week in order to officially endorse Bernie Sanders. Gabbard later told the media that she was advised not to oppose Hillary Clinton. “I’ll be very honest with … Read More

Clinton Raises $30M in February

Hillary Clinton managed to raise an impressive $30 million in February, falling $10 million short of Bernie Sander’s monthly total. “We continue to beat every fundraising goal and, more importantly, make smart and efficient investments,” campaign manager Robby Mook said … Read More

Romney to Give Address on State of 2016 Presidential Race

Mitt Romney is back in the spotlight. On Thursday, he is set to deliver a speech addressing the Republican Party and the state of the 2016 presidential election. “Mitt doesn’t believe Donald Trump is the right person to lead the … Read More

Google Searches Spike: ‘How Can I Move to Canada?’

It looks like a large portion of Americans are looking to escape Donald Trump’s America and flee to Canada. According to Google, a lot of Americans are searching for, “How can I move to Canada?” “Searches for ‘how can I … Read More

Ryan Denounces Trump over KKK Dust-Up: ‘There Can Be No Evasion and No Games’

House Speaker Paul Ryan denounced Donald Trump on Tuesday over his recent refusal to denounce the KKK. “This is the kind of moment where we should be having a serious debate about the policies needed to restore the American idea,” … Read More

Rubio Stops Rally to Pray for Fainting Woman

Marco Rubio made sure to appeal to his religious voters on Tuesday when he interrupted his Minnesota rally to pray for a woman that had fainted. “I just want to take 10 seconds to say a prayer,” the Florida senator … Read More

Carson Invites GOP Rivals for Meeting on ‘Lack of Civility’

Ben Carson is still rambling on about civility and the lack of integrity that his Republican opponents have. On Wednesday, he called for a meeting with the other candidates in order to discuss the “lack of civility” in the current … Read More

Ron Paul: Sanders ‘Just a Variant of Trump’

Ron Paul compared Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump on Wednesday, suggesting that there was very little difference between the two candidates. [email protected]: @BernieSanders and @realDonaldTrump are "authoritarian" https://t.co/6OZtrfIwim https://t.co/VakCAKw3IW — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) March 1, 2016 “No, because he’s an … Read More