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Daily Archives: March 19, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders to Skip AIPAC

Senator Bernie Sanders, the only Jewish candidate for President currently in the race, has declined to speak at the annual major gathering of the pro-Israel lobby, seen as a must-stop place for serious candidates. Sanders sent an e-mail to Robert … Read More

Clinton Campaign Hits One Million Donors

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President has hit one million donors, a milestone her opponent hit near the New Year. “I’m told the number just ticked over: As of a few minutes ago, 1,000,000 people have pitched … Read More

Warren Responds to Darth Vader Comparison: I’m More Of A Princess Leia

It’s always a good day when U.S. politics mixes with Star Wars, and Thursday Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts was compared to everyone’s favorite villain: Darth Vader. Republican Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri said that Warren is “the Darth Vader … Read More

Trump Aide: I’ll Leave GOP If Party Blocks Nomination

A top Trump adviser and Republican party political operative said that if the GOP tries to take the nomination away from Donald Trump at the convention, he will abandon the party. “There are rules, and the rules ought to be … Read More

Simpsons Writer: 2000 President Trump Episode Was ‘A Warning To America’

An episode of The Simpsons from 2000, predicted an America gone crazy, and one of the gags was that Donald Trump had been elected President. “It was a warning to America,” creator of the storyline Dan Greaney said to The Hollywood Reporter, adding … Read More

Bernie Sanders Dismisses Talk Of Dropping Out As ‘Absurd’

Senator Bernie Sanders scoffed at the idea that he should get out of the primary race before the Democratic Convention in the summer. Sen. Sanders told Rachel Maddow that it “is absurd” to think he’d drop out of the race, … Read More