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Daily Archives: March 24, 2016

Sanders: 5-Hour Voting Lines A ‘Disgrace’

Senator Bernie Sanders had some harsh words for Arizona election officials after learning that some voters had to wait in long lines to vote, for as many as five hours. WATCH: @BernieSanders calls Arizona voting lines "a disgrace": "People should … Read More

Rolling Stone Endorses Hillary Clinton

In 1972, Rolling Stone (and the brilliant and entertaining coverage of Hunter S. Thompson) helped get George McGovern nominated to the party, the most progressive liberal ever so honored. So this year, some wondered if another progressive insurgent, Bernie Sanders, would … Read More

Watch Donald Trump’s ‘Totally Bananas’ Interview With Washington Post

Donald Trump sat down with the editorial board of The Washington Post for an extended interview, which you can watch below. The Post called the interview “bananas,” because of some of the more flamboyant answers the GOP frontrunner gave to them. … Read More

Trump Spokeswoman Earns Twitter Mockery After Horribly Misspelled Tweet

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson sent out a tweet supporting her boss and his wife’s entrepreneurship. But that’s not what she spelled. Cruz should denounce his SuperPAC for attack on @realDonaldTrump wife. Attacked her because she's a beautiful & successful entanpanuer. … Read More

Bernie Sanders Wins Utah and Idaho Primary Contests

Senator Bernie Sanders pulled off huge wins in Idaho and Utah on Tuesday, winning victories by the high margins he needs to in order to stand a chance to make up the lead in pledged delegates Hillary Clinton currently enjoys. … Read More

Poll: Clinton Would Crush Trump In The General Election

When Donald Trump speaks at his events he often repeats the same “bits” like a stand-up comedian, and one of them is that he “creams” all of his opponents in the polls. On the Republican side, that’s true. However, not … Read More

Bernie Sanders Should Definitely Not Drop Out

As is typical in the coverage of the political horserace, people love a winner. Though, despite winning two of three contests on Tuesday night, calls for Senator Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race abound. Despite having a good … Read More

Obama Goes After Cruz For Urging Patrols Of Muslim Neighborhoods

President Obama spoke in Argentina on Wednesday and criticized Republican Senator and candidate for President Ted Cruz for essentially arguing for Muslim apartheid after the terror attack in Brussels. Obama criticizes Ted Cruz's suggestion to patrol neighborhoods with a Muslim … Read More

Poll Majority Of Republicans Say Party Should Get Behind Trump At Convention

The movement within the Republican party to take the nomination away from the front-runner Donald Trump is unlike anything that’s happened before in the modern American primary election system. Party leaders and candidate John Kasich have all said that a … Read More

Heidi Cruz: Trump Statements ‘Have No Basis In Reality’

Heidi Cruz, a financier at Goldman Sachs and wife of Ted Cruz, responded to an insinuation made on Twitter by Donald Trump that he knew some sort of bombshell secret about her. Heidi Cruz responds to Trump: "Most of the … Read More