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Daily Archives: March 28, 2016

Sanders Takes Hawaii

Bernie Sanders has won the state of Hawaii’s primary caucuses, giving him yet another win in a string of victories that haven’t dented the delegate race much, but have given him “momentum. Sanders walks away with 17 of the state’s … Read More

Sanders: Superdelegates May Now Be Eyeing Switch From Clinton

Bernie Sanders has been critical of superdelegates in the past, but he also has openly said he would welcome their support if that won him the nomination for the party. After a string of victories, Sanders says that these delegates–who … Read More

Sanders Wants to Debate Clinton In New York

Bernie Sanders said that he hopes he gets the chance to get on a debate stage with primary opponent Hillary Clinton, but thinks she won’t agree to it. “Yeah, I do have a little bit of a concern about that, … Read More

Sanders Calls Clooney-Hosted Clinton Fundraiser ‘Obscene’

Bernie Sanders had some harsh words for a fundraiser being hosted in California for his opponent in the Democratic primary race, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “It is obscene that Secretary Clinton keeps going to big money people to … Read More

Trump: Cruz’s Campaign Bought Rights To GQ Photo

Donald Trump has made the bold (and implausible) claim that Ted Cruz’s official campaign actually purchased the rights to an implied nude photo of his wife. “From what I hear, he and his campaign went out and bought the cover … Read More

Sanders Touts Recent Wins: Clearly We Have The Momentum

Bernie Sanders allowed himself some time to brag about his recent string of primary victories, even though he’s still a long way from capturing the nomination from Clinton. [email protected]: Superdelegates will have to make "very difficult decision" if he continues … Read More

Mexicans Celebrate Easter By Burning Figures Of Trump

A group of people gathered in Mexico to take part in a long tradition during Easter of burning an effigy, and this year they picked Donald Trump as the figure. The ceremony is an annual tradition in which people burn … Read More

Poll: Trump’s Lead Just One Point In California

Donald Trump has been dominating the polls, but it finally seems as if the antics on the trail are finally catching up with him, especially as the field winnows down to just a few candidates. A new poll from USC Dornsife/The Los … Read More

Trump: What’s Going On In The GOP Is A ‘Disgrace’

As far as statements so ironic it’s a wonder they don’t unravel the fabric of reality, this one is a doozy. Donald Trump has some harsh words for the party he is poised to lead. Welcome to the Republican Party,” … Read More

Kerry: World Leaders Shocked By GOP Rhetoric

Secretary of State John Kerry has said that the world leaders he deals with are stunned by the GOP side of the race for the White House, and that their antics are embarrassing the country. “Everywhere I go, every leader … Read More