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Daily Archives: March 29, 2016

Ryan Moves Stir White House Talk

Paul Ryan has an odd history with the Republican party, at least when it comes to them putting their faith in him. A slightly wonky policy geek, he has avoided major controversies and is an “unoffensive alternative” for the GOP. … Read More

Clinton Aide: Sanders Needs To Change ‘Tone’ If He Wants NY Debate

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President has suffered a string of losses to Bernie Sanders. However, defying conventional wisdom, Sanders wants to have more debates, as he still sees himself as the underdog in the race, given … Read More

Sanders Camp: Race Will Hinge On Superdelegates

The Bernie Sanders campaign has a new argument to justify staying in the race: neither he nor Hillary Clinton can win the total amount of delegates needed. “I think it’s clear now to anyone that knows how to count delegates … Read More

147 FBI Agents Involved In Clinton Email Probe

Despite earlier comments from the Department of Justice indicating that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server was unfolding on their schedule, the FBI is speeding things up. A report from The Washington Post cites an unnamed source saying that 147 agents … Read More

Vulnerable Dem Says He’d Vote For Sanders At Convention

It’s a great season for electoral irony. A “Blue Dog” Democrat–typically more conservative than most Democrats–has said he plans to cast his vote as a Superdelegate for the most progressive candidate in decades, Bernie Sanders. Minnesota Representative Collin Peterson is … Read More

Fidel Castro’s Letter to Obama in English: We Don’t Need the Empire

After an historic trip to Cuba, President Obama did not meet with or visit 89-year-old former dictator Fidel Castro. He reportedly wrote a scathing letter to the President, advising the U.S. to not presume it understands his country. “We Don’t … Read More

Obama Endorses Wasserman-Schultz In Primary

Hillary Clinton is not the only powerful Democratic politician facing a primary fight. Chair of the Democratic National Committee and Representative from Florida Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is facing her first primary challenger since being elected 12 years ago. But, she has … Read More

Secret Service: No Guns In GOP Convention

The Secret Service has responded to a petition posted on Change.org that called for open-carry of firearms at the GOP convention. In a delightful irony, the Secret Service has declared the convention space a gun-free zone, where the only “good … Read More

Former Obama Campaign Manager: ‘Zero Chance’ Clinton Isn’t Nominee

David Plouffe was the young political strategist who made a big name for himself by taking a nearly unknown candidate (with a funny name, himself) and got him elected President. In a new essay on Medium.com, Plouffe gives his take … Read More

Trump Promises Lawsuit Over Louisiana Delegates

Donald Trump has responded to losing delegates to Ted Cruz in Louisiana, even though the Texas Senator came in second-place. Just to show you how unfair Republican primary politics can be, I won the State of Louisiana and get less … Read More