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Daily Archives: March 30, 2016

Clinton: I Hope Sanders Joins Ranks When I’m Nominee

Hillary Clinton said that despite the rancor in the Republican primary, she hopes the Democratic convention will go more peacefully, and that she will get Senator Bernie Sanders’s support. “I believe that I will be the Democratic nominee,” the former … Read More

Trump: I’m More Intelligent Than Hillary

Donald Trump appeared at his second televised town hall in as many nights, this time on MSNBC. When asked if he was more of a war hawk than some claim Hillary Clinton is, Trump decided to say he was smarter … Read More

Cruz To Trump: Let’s Debate Tonight

Scheduled to appear at separate Town Hall events at CNN, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump almost had a debate if the Texas Senator had his way. “Now our friend Donald finds debates very, very stressful,” Cruz said at a rally. … Read More

Trump Campaign Manager Charged With Battery

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been charged with battery after allegedly grabbing Michelle Fields, a reporter for Breitbart (a pro-Trump blog), and bruising her. “Mr. Lewandowski is absolutely innocent of this charge. He will enter a plea of … Read More

Sanders Pressures Clinton Superdelegates to Jump Ship

The Bernie Sanders campaign is pressuring some Democratic leaders who are superdelegates that have already pledged their support to Hillary Clinton to switch to his team. The Vermont Senator has been making the argument to the press that superdelegates will … Read More

Susan Sarandon Not Sure She’d Back Clinton Over Trump

Actress Susan Sarandon has been a very passionate Bernie Sanders supporter, endorsing the candidate and appearing at his rallies. However in an interview on MSNBC, she said that she doesn’t believe that Hillary Clinton would be a good second-choice to … Read More

Ex-Miss Wisconsin Tears Up Thanking Trump At Rally

A woman claiming to be Miss Wisconsin of 2005 made an emotional statement today at a Trump rally, thanking the GOP frontrunner for his help while she fights an incurable disease. “You saved me in so many ways. In recent … Read More

Sanders Campaign: Is Clinton ‘Afraid’ Of NY Debate?

The media onslaught meant to pressure Democratic frontrunner for President Hillary Clinton into a debate with Bernie Sanders continued Tuesday. “This is not us demanding more debates; this is us asking to do what the Clinton people have already agreed … Read More

Protester Pepper-Sprayed At Trump Rally

A video shot outside of a Trump rally today in Wisconsin Tuesday shows an anti-Trump protester throw a punch and catch a face full of pepper-spray. Molly Beck, a reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal was on-scene and tweeting out … Read More

Trump’s Aide’s Lawyer Resigned From DOJ After Allegedly Biting A Stripper

The lawyer representing embattled Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was once a U.S. attorney working for the Department of Justice. He resigned under dubious circumstances, to say the least. “After racking up a $900 bill at the Lipstik Club in … Read More