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Daily Archives: March 31, 2016

DNC Party Chair: Sanders Will Appear On Ballot

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has had a string of victories over the past few weeks, giving his campaign much-needed momentum. However, not appearing on the ballot in an upcoming primary contest would be a significant roadblock. Anita Bonds, the chairwoman … Read More

Rubio Misspells ‘United States In Letter To Alaska GOP

We all thought Marco Rubio underperformed in the GOP Primary, but it turns out he was actually running for President of a place called “the Untied States.” [email protected] making unprecedented bid to keep his GOP delegates for a contested convention … Read More

Trump Touts Success Of Developer Who Once Barred Blacks

Donald Trump has already had to whether a scandal where he was hesitant to denounced David Duke and other white supremacists who have endorsed him. The candidate has again said something racially troubling, though it’s hard to tell if Trump … Read More

Carson Defends Trump: He Didn’t Have Time To Think About Abortion Question

Dr. Ben Carson, who has endorsed Donald Trump since dropping out of the race, defended the candidate’s suggestion that women should be punished criminally for having abortions, a legal procedure he said he would “ban.” “Well bear in mind, I … Read More

Jan Brewer: GOP Strife Over Trump ‘Almost Unbearable’

The former Republican Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer has all kinds of feelings about the current strife in the GOP Presidential primary. “There has been an absolute frontal attack on Mr. Trump during this election,” she told the Fox Business … Read More

Sanders: Trump’s Abortion Comments ‘Shameful’

Vermont Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tweeted out his disgust at Donald Trump’s comments about abortion. Sen. Sanders said that the comments suggesting women being criminally punished for getting an abortion after he “banned’ it (despite such a … Read More

Trump: US Soldiers Are ‘Afraid To Fight’ Because Of Geneva Conventions

Donald Trump showcased his utter lack of knowledge about the military or war-fighting again Wednesday at a campaign event in Wisconsin. “The problem is we have the Geneva Conventions, all sorts of rules and regulations, so the soldiers are afraid … Read More

Trump Attempts to Walk Back Abortion Comments

Donald Trump has once again given voice to an unspoken part of typical Republican rhetoric, this time about abortion. However, after making controversial remarks, he walked those comments back almost immediately through campaign staff. “If Congress were to pass legislation … Read More

Sanders: GOP Race an ‘International Embarrassment’

After a taped interview with Hillary Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders appeared live on the Rachel Maddow show, in which he talked about a lot of things, including how the world must see the Republican race. “What Republican candidates have now … Read More

Republicans Seethe At Talk Of Giving Up White House

A number of prominent Republicans have warned that the House and Senate candidates can’t run away from the GOP nominee if it’s Senator Ted Cruz or even Donald Trump. “We’ve endured eight years of the Obama regime. The last thing … Read More