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Daily Archives: April 1, 2016

Cruz Jokes About Running Over Trump With A Car

The rhetoric on the Republican side of the primary race has been ludicrous from the beginning, however the recent exchanges between Cruz and Trump have been exceedingly ugly. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Texas Senator made a … Read More

Clinton: ‘I’m So Sick Of Sanders Campaign Lying About Me’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been facing a tough fight this month against her primary election opponent Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator has won a string of the last primary contests, though Clinton is still leading in the … Read More

Bill Clinton: I’ll Use My Superdelegate Vote For Sanders If He Wins

One of the great ironies of the Democratic party is that it’s primary process includes a number of delegates with nominating power who are unelected by the people. Some of them have been elected as representatives of their state and … Read More

Warren: Trump is a ‘business loser’

A lot of times, people bemoan how celebrity-obsessed Americans are, but Stephen Colbert is trying to do something about that. Since taking over The Late Show from David Letterman, he has spoken to a number of political figures. Naturally, the talk … Read More

FCC Approves Internet Subsidies For The Poor

The internet is perhaps the greatest technological miracle of the modern age. Sure, there may be other advances more important in historical terms, but the internet puts essentially the whole of human knowledge (and ignorance) at everyone’s fingertips. Yet for … Read More

Rosario Dawson: ‘Shame on you, Hillary’

Rosario Dawson may play well-meaning nurse Claire Temple on Netflix’s smash-hit Daredevil, but in the real world the only scrappy New York-born fighter she is trying to save is Senator Bernie Sanders and his campaign for President. The actress, who … Read More

DC To Hold Emergency Vote To Put Sanders On Ballot

As reported yesterday, Bernie Sanders’s campaign for President was stunned to learn that due to an error, their candidate would not be on the ballot in Washington D.C. The Vermont Senator has won a string of the past primary contests, … Read More

Report: FBI Moves To Interview Clinton Over Emails

While they may be signing off for good on April 12, Al Jazeera America had one big scoop left, apparently. On Wednesday, the network reported that sources within the FBI have told them Democratic frontrunner for the nomination Hillary Clinton … Read More

Sanders Maintains Hard Line On Global Trade

In the former manufacturing and steel industry-hub of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Senator Bernie Sanders continued to take a hard-line on trade, specifically trade deals like NAFTA or the TPP. “”We have to rethink the economy in a way that says this … Read More

Kasich Defends Eating Pizza With A Fork And Knife

Ohio Governor John Kasich was in New York and went to Gino’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Queens, New York and then ruined his reputation by using a knife and fork on the pizza like a savage. "I was eating pizza … Read More