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Daily Archives: April 3, 2016

Trump: Melania Will Start Campaigning Monday

After an anti-Trump Super PAC released an ad featuring an implied nude photo of Melania Trump, almost two whole weeks of ugliness about candidates’ wives dominated the primary discussion. However, in spite of all that, it seems that the former … Read More

Palin: Politicians Using ‘Teddy Bears’ To Lure Immigrants

Former Alaska Governor and current Trump surrogate Sarah Palin hit the trail in Wisconsin, and delivered the sort of disjointed nonsense that is the hallmark of her authorial voice. In her latest tirade against reason and basic sentence structure, Palin … Read More

Clinton Campaign: Sanders Rejected Our Debate Offers

Hillary Clinton’s campaign spokesperson said that the Sanders campaign has rejected the three possible dates they sent over for a debate in New York. Dates the Sanders camp rejected. “The Sanders campaign needs to stop with the games,” Fallon wrote … Read More

Calif. Mayor: Trump ‘Not Welcome’ Here

After all the lip service about free speech during this Presidential race, there may finally be a genuine First Amendment issue, and the victim is Donald Trump. Mayor Lindsey Horvath of West Hollywood said that Trump is persona non grata in … Read More

Trump: If I Win, Everything Bad In US Will Be Reversed

Donald Trump’s campaign has been mostly ludicrous, but part of his skill set is to continually set the bar for silliness higher and higher. His latest campaign promise does just that, in which he suggests that merely by being elected … Read More

Cher ‘Proud’ To Support Clinton

Singer Cher has announced that she is “proud” to support Hillary Clinton for President. The 69-year-old music icon made her political feelings known in a series of tweets. #ImWithHer I'm Proud 2 Support Hillary‼️Choose who You"Believe In"& Go Never thought … Read More