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Daily Archives: April 4, 2016

Ivana Trump: We Need Immigrants To Clean For Us

The most famous ex-wife of Donald Trump, Ivana, has made some controversial comments while trying to support his immigration plan. “I’m an immigrant,” the Czech-Republic-born woman said to The New York Post. “As long as you come here legally and get … Read More

Clinton: ‘Important’ That Democrats Nominate A Democrat

Hillary Clinton is trying to draw a distinction between her and her opponent, self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, that she is the only “real” Democrat in the race. “I … have been a proud Democrat all my adult life,” Clinton … Read More

Sanders: Clinton Is Getting ‘Very Nervous’

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said that the recent successes of his campaign are making his rival Hillary Clinton worried. “I think the secretary is getting very nervous, that poll after poll shows us doing much better against [Donald] Trump than … Read More

Megyn Kelly: There Have Been Threats Against My Life Since Trump Questioning

Megyn Kelly revealed that asking tough questions of GOP front-runner Donald Trump may have literally put her life at risk. “It’s how he gins up anger among so many. So it manifests in my life in several ways,” Kelly said … Read More

Clinton: ‘Unborn Person’ Doesn’t Have Constitutional Rights

Hillary Clinton has taken a firm position on her support for protecting a woman’s right to choose to terminate a pregnancy, in light of recent comments made by Donald Trump. “Well, under our laws currently, that is not something that … Read More

Kasich Predicts Open Convention: ‘It’s Going To Be So Much Fun’

The only hope that John Kasich has to win his party’s nomination for the White House is as some kind of consolation-prize candidate in an open convention. And he seems thrilled about it. “I believe that a convention will look … Read More

Sanders: I Don’t Think That We Are Distorting Reality

Bernie Sanders has been scrambling to defend himself against Hillary Clinton’s claim that his campaign is purposefully misrepresenting who some of her donors are. Sanders on Clinton attacks: "I don't think that we are distorting reality" https://t.co/1FIKzrf8Kb #CNNSOTU https://t.co/Bu3kphIwIq — … Read More

NYPD Commissioner Slams Cruz

NYPD top cop Bill Bratton has some harsh words for Ted Cruz and comments the Texas Senator made about how law enforcement should police for terror. “Sen. Cruz was very anti-American, anti-Muslims in some of his comments in light of … Read More

Sanders: ‘I Did Not Compare Trump To Hitler’

Senator Bernie Sanders was stuck trying to walk back remarks he made this week that some suggest were comparing Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. “No, I did not compare Trump to Hitler, but I will do everything that I can … Read More

Trump Not Ruling Out Third-Party Run

One of the earliest concerns about the Donald Trump campaign was that should he lose the nomination, had the funds and notoriety to launch a successful third-party run. It turns out, that’s still a threat. “It’s not a question of … Read More