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Daily Archives: April 7, 2016

Dem Strategist: Clinton’s Lead Is Insurmountable

Senator Bernie Sanders has had a string of victories in the most recent primary contests, some by such larger margins that his supporters believe he can overtake Hillary Clinton’s sizable lead in delegates. However, for some political players, such hopes … Read More

Trump Spokeswoman: Cruz Campaign Being Run By ‘Bush People’

Spokeswoman for the Trump campaign Katrina Pierson has said that Ted Cruz’s campaign is being run by people who worked for Jeb Bush and the Bush family. “The Bush people are now running Sen. Cruz’s campaign — Neil Bush, who’s … Read More

Sanders Aide: Don’t Destroy Dem Party To Satisfy Clinton’s ‘Ambitions’

Bernie Sanders ‘s campaign manager has said that Hillary Clinton is running a divisive campaign and risks fracturing the Democratic party. “Don’t destroy the Democratic Party to satisfy the secretary’s ambitions to become president of the United States,” Weaver told … Read More

Obama Emerges As Key Anti-Trump Messenger

President Barack Obama is staying out of the Democratic race for President, but has not been shy about criticizing and mocking Donald Trump’s race for his party’s nomination. “I think foreign observers are troubled by some of the rhetoric that’s … Read More

Sanders Touts ‘Friendly’ Relationship With Obama

Bernie Sanders sat down with Spike Lee, one of his supporters, for a discussion published by The Hollywood Reporter. In it, he talks about his friendly relationship with President Obama, whom Hillary Clinton has said he’s criticized unfairly during the campaign. … Read More

Axelrod To Clinton: Stop Insinuating Young Sanders Supporters Are Dupes

The chief political strategist for both of Barack Obama’s White House bids has some advice for his former 2008 opponent. Stop insulting Bernie voters! Line @HillaryClinton should drop: "…I feel sorry for the young people who are fed this list … Read More

Clinton: I’ll Shut Down ‘Private Tax System’ For The Wealthy

Hillary Clinton responded to the leaked Panama Papers, showing the hidden money of world leaders in the country, at a speech today in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [email protected] vows to shut down "private tax system for the mega wealthy" allegedly disclosed in … Read More

Sanders: Clinton Should Apologize To Victims Of Iraq War

The not-going-to-go-negative campaign of Bernie Sanders has taken a decidedly negative turn in recent days. After Hillary Clinton criticized the Vermont Senator for saying that the parents of the Sandy Hook Massacre victims should not be able to sue gun … Read More

Woman Confronts Fla. Governor Over Healthcare Cuts: ‘You’re An Asshole’

Rick Scott wanted some coffee Wednesday morning, and perhaps a fun photo op with the citizens of his state. Instead, he got an earful from an unhappy resident. “You cut Medicaid so I couldn’t get Obamacare,” the woman yelled. “You’re an … Read More

Clinton Slams Sanders ‘Unimaginable’ Position On Guns

Hillary Clinton had tough talk for her opponent Bernie Sanders and his continued assertion that he does not support suing gun manufacturers for crimes committed with their products. “When it comes to guns we have a really serious difference and … Read More