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Daily Archives: April 9, 2016

Warren Tells GOP: Stand Up To ‘Extremists’ In The Party

Senator Elizabeth Warren wrote an op-ed for The Boston Globe lambasted her Republican colleagues for stopping the Supreme Court nomination. She urged her colleagues to stand up to the more extreme wing of her party. From The Boston Globe: SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM recently … Read More

Clinton’s Subway Ride Broke NY Rules

After an awkward encounter on the NYC subway, it turns out Hillary Clinton might have broken a law used to prevent buskers and salesmen on the subway. “According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) Rules of Conduct, the subway system … Read More

Springsteen Cancels Concert In Greensboro Over N.C. Bathroom Law

Rock and roll legend Bruce Springsteen has canceled a concert he was planning in North Carolina as a protest of the new law allowing discrimination against LGBTQ people. NEW: Bruce Springsteen cancels upcoming performance in North Carolina due to new … Read More

Kirstie Alley Endorses Trump

Kirstie Alley, of Cheers and Look Who’s Talking fame, endorsed fellow celebrity Donald Trump for President. HELLO BOYS! this is my formal endorsement of @realDonaldTrump & I'm a woman! (last I checked) And Rudy, U R amazing! https://t.co/0IrenUh8fa — Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) … Read More

Sanders To Visit Vatican Next Week

Bernie Sanders was delighted to receive an invitation to discuss the economy in Vatican City this week. “I am delighted to have been invited by the Vatican to a meeting on restoring social justice and environmental sustainability to the world … Read More

AP-GfK Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly View Trump Negatively

A new poll shows that Donald Trump has assembled a diverse and discordant coalition of voter demographics. However, they are all united in hating his guts. “Seven in 10 people, including close to half of Republican voters, have an unfavorable … Read More