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Daily Archives: April 10, 2016

Clinton: ‘I Expect To Be The Nominee’

Hillary Clinton is still confident that she will be the nominee for President from the Democratic party, despite a string of primary losses. Hillary Clinton: I am not preparing for a contested convention #CNNSOTU https://t.co/Np5EfDtwMd https://t.co/6WTZpTQdOD — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) … Read More

Sanders: My Tax Returns Won’t Be A ‘Big Story’

Senator Bernie Sanders appeared on This Week Sunday and was asked about his tax returns. Hillary Clinton’s tax returns have been made public for years, whereas Sanders has only released one year’s worth. “Yes, we will get them out. There will be … Read More

Sanders: ‘I Appreciate Bill Clinton Being My Psychoanalyst’

Bernie Sanders has responded to Bill Clinton’s claim that the Vermont Senator’s “unqualified” criticism was unconsciously sexist. “Bill Clinton, today, was asked about the comments, and said ‘Of course you wouldn’t have made the same charges if she were a … Read More

Sanders Campaign Releases Spike Lee Produced Ad

Acclaimed director Spike Lee is a Bernie Sanders supporter, and he’s lent his talents to a new ad aimed at targeting minority voters, a demographic Sanders has suffered with this election. The ad opens with civil rights activist and beloved … Read More

Trump Visits 9/11 Memorial

Donald Trump stopped at the 9/11 museum Saturday and toured it with his wife Melania while campaigning in the city. The press weren’t allowed to follow him, but that didn’t stop people in the museum already from doing the work … Read More

Trump: Sanders Was Right, Clinton Is Unqualified

The backlash from Bernie Sanders saying Hillary Clinton is unqualified to be President is still lashing back. Bernie Sanders says that Hillary Clinton is unqualified to be president. Based on her decision making ability, I can go along with that! … Read More

Kasich: I Would Not Have Signed NC ‘Bathroom Law’

Ohio Governor and spoiler Presidential candidate in the GOP race John Kasich said that he would not have signed a bill like the controversial North Carolina anti-LGBTQ law. “I believe that religious institutions ought to be protected and be able … Read More

McCaskill Responds To Pro-Sanders Meme

Democratic Senator from Missouri and Hillary Clinton supporter Claire McCaskill has fallen into that trap we all fall into from time-to-time: fact-checking internet memes. Heads up Bernie supporters: that "public transportation" is tram that takes Senators from their offices to … Read More