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Daily Archives: April 13, 2016

Obama Envisions A Day When Female Presidents Are Common

President Obama expressed amazement at how long it is taking America to elect a woman to be the President. His comments, many think, was a kind of back-door endorsement for Hillary Clinton. ““I want young girls and boys to come … Read More

White House Defends Clinton and de Blasio After ‘CP’ Time Joke Flops

White House Press Secretary didn’t defend the ill-advised joke Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio made this week, but did defend their commitment to civil rights. “Mayor de Blasio and Secretary Clinton have, over the course of their careers, demonstrated … Read More

Clinton: Guns That Kill New Yorkers Come From Vermont

Hillary Clinton participated in a panel event talking about gun violence, in which she made a pretty harsh jab at her opponents (other) home state. “When challenged on his gun stances, he frequently says, ‘You know, I represent Vermont, it’s … Read More

Zuckerberg Criticizes ‘Fearful Voices Calling For Building Walls’

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg got political at his company’s developer conference in California on Tuesday. “We’ve gone from a world of isolated communities to one global community, and we are all better off for it,” Zuckerberg said. “But now, as … Read More

Team Clinton: Sanders ‘Rigging The System’ With Quest For Superdelegates

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon rejected the idea his candidate is using political trickery to get elected, levying the same charge back at him. “Really, I think when you talk about rigging the system, that’s what Sen. Sanders is trying … Read More

Trump: Clinton ‘Guilty As Hell’

Donald Trump is fond of saying he hasn’t “even started” in on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, but he is referring to her more on the stump. "Everyone knows she's guilty as hell. Her whole life is a big fat beautiful … Read More

Sanders Predicts ‘Major Victory’ In NY

Senator Bernie Sanders has predicted that he and his campaign will win in New York next week. WATCH: @BernieSanders predicts "major victory" in New York primary https://t.co/Fuc8FFLhPR — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) April 12, 2016 Both he and Hillary Clinton … Read More

Ryan On 2016 Bid: ‘Count Me Out’

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tried to put to rest rumors that he is running a shadow primary for his party’s nomination at the convention in Cleveland this summer. Speaker Paul Ryan on the #2016Election: "I want to put … Read More

Clinton Ally: Oppo Research Will ‘Knock Trump Tower Down’

David Brock was part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” to discredit the Clintons in the mid-1990s, but now he has turned his dark powers to use for them. And apparently he is eager to face Trump in the general election. … Read More

Rand: GOP Primary Rules Not ‘Rigged’ But ‘Biased’

Senator Rand Paul disagreed with Donald Trump’s assessment of the GOP primary system, but admits that some shenanigans do go on. [email protected] on delegate rules: I don't think they're rigged but they are biased https://t.co/bwqXlUuLR0 — Morning Joe (@Morning_Joe) April … Read More