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Daily Archives: April 20, 2016

Cruz Finishes Last in New York as ‘Values’ Line Backfires

Ted Cruz learned a harsh reality on Tuesday after New York voters rejected him and his “New York values” comments. The Hill reports: Cruz, who may end up getting zero delegates from New York state, was not helped by his … Read More

Empire State Building Turns Red for Trump’s Win

The Empire State building basked in red glory on Tuesday night, in celebration of Donald Trump’s victory in New York’s primary. Empire State Building turns red after CNN projects a win for Donald Trump in #NYPrimary https://t.co/vGStVbAdcY pic.twitter.com/8CbmvpkQrw — CNN … Read More

Team Clinton to Sanders: It’s Over

Hillary Clinton was quick to gloat about her decisive victory in New York, telling Bernie Sanders and his campaign that “it’s over.” “The voters have spoken,” said Eric Jotkoff, a Democratic consultant who worked on Clinton’s 2008 campaign. “Now that … Read More

Sanders Expresses ‘Concern’ Over NY Voting Laws After Primary Defeat

Bernie Sanders delivered a quick speech following New York’s primary, where he proceeded to express his concern over the state’s voter laws and coincidental mishaps. “While I congratulate Secretary Clinton, I must say that I am really concerned about the … Read More

Sanders Wins Majority of NY Counties Despite Clinton Victory

Bernie Sanders may have lost to Hillary Clinton in New York’s primary on Tuesday. Despite this, he managed to win more counties in the state than his opponent who cleaned up in major cities. This is how New York is … Read More

Google: More New Yorkers Looking up How to Vote for Sanders Than Clinton

According to Google, New York’s primary showed that the majority of search traffic related to voters who wanted to find a way to vote for Bernie Sanders. New York search interest in @BernieSanders and @HillaryClinton leading up to #NewYorkPrimary pic.twitter.com/RerxcGVQud … Read More

Hillary Clinton Cruises to Victory in New York Primary

Hillary Clinton cruised to a 15 percent victory over Bernie Sanders in Tuesday’s New York primary. However, the primary was mired with controversy after some voters were barred from voting, while others were unable to vote due to equipment malfunction. … Read More

Salma Hayek Mocks Trump Gaffe: Even I Don’t Confuse 7-11 With 9/11

Actress Salma Hayek mocked Republican frontrunner Donald Trump on Tuesday for accidentally referring to 9/11 as 7-11. I am a dyslexic Mexican and English is my second language, however even I do not confuse 7/11 with 9/11. #DonaldTrump — Salma … Read More

Sanders Comforts Supporter Who Can’t Vote in NY Dem Primary

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders comforted an independent voter on Tuesday who was unable to vote in New York’s primary. “Right now I’m doing everything I can to get my vote casted for him,” the man told ABC News upon encountering … Read More

Sanders Draws Sharp Contrasts to Clinton Night Before NY Primary

On Monday, Bernie Sanders pointed out a strong comparison between him and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and their connections to Wall Street, a night before New York’s critical primary. “My cellphone remains on, and I’m awaiting that call from Wall … Read More