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Daily Archives: May 1, 2016

Warren: Trump’s Sexism Is as Obvious as His ‘Bad Hair’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren took a shot at Donald Trump and his sexism, calling it as obvious as his “bad hair.” “That’s like asking if he has bad hair,” she said. “He wears the sexism out front for everyone to see.” … Read More

Huntsman: Time for GOP to Rally Around Trump

Jon Huntsman, the former Republican governor of Utah, who also served in President Barack Obama’s administration, is calling on the GOP to rally around Donald Trump. “We’ve had enough intraparty fighting. Now’s the time to stitch together a winning coalition,” … Read More

Trump: Protesters Were ‘Thugs and Criminals’

Donald Trump wasted no time mincing words with protesters who interfered with his speech in California on Saturday. The "protesters" in California were thugs and criminals. Many are professionals. They should be dealt with strongly by law enforcement! — Donald … Read More

Obama Mocks GOP, Media and Himself in Final WHCD Address

President Barack Obama wasted no time mocking the GOP, media, and himself at his final White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday. “It is an honor to be here at my last, and perhaps the last, White House Correspondents’ dinner,” he said … Read More

Sanders Skips the Tux at WHCD

Bernie Sanders made an appearance at the White House Correspondent’s dinner on Saturday, but he forgot to wear a tuxedo. That moment when everyone realizes your boss really doesn't own a tux…but it's cool #WHCD — Symone D. Sanders (@SymoneDSanders) … Read More

Obama Gives Shoutout to Sanders at Correspondents’ Dinner

President Barack Obama joked about Bernie Sanders on Saturday at the White House Correspondents’ dinner. “We’ve got the bright new face of the Democratic party here tonight, Mr. Bernie Sanders,” Obama said. “Bernie, you look like a million bucks. Or to … Read More