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Daily Archives: May 7, 2016

Sanders Calls for Democratic Version of Fox News

Bernie Sanders called on corporate media networks to create a Democratic version of Fox News. “I think we have got to think about way that the Democratic party for a start starts funding the equivalent of Fox television,” he said … Read More

Romney: I Won’t Vote for Trump or Clinton

Mitt Romney made it clear on Friday that he will not be voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. “I don’t intend on support either of the major party candidates at this point,” the 2012 GOP presidential nominee said … Read More

Sanders Hits Clinton for Soliciting Republican Donors

Bernie Sanders criticized Hillary Clinton for wooing Republican donors throughout her presidential campaign, noting that it would be difficult for her to win over his supporters if he lost. “Those are the kinds of things that make not only my … Read More

Cheney Will Back Trump

Former Vice President Dick Cheney will officially back Donald Trump in 2016. CNN's Jamie Gangel reports former Vice Pres. Cheney will support Trump, says he has always supported GOP nominee and will do so this year — Steve Brusk (@stevebruskCNN) … Read More

Graham: I Won’t Vote for Trump

Sen. Lindsey Graham made it clear on Friday that he will not vote for Donald Trump. Sen. Lindsay Graham: "I would have supported all 16 except for the Donald" https://t.co/YHOL0vE0s8 https://t.co/NLRerif8En — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) May 6, 2016 “It’s hard … Read More

Sanders Accuses DNC of Favoring Clinton at Convention

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called out the Democratic National Committee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz for what he believes will be a rigged convention in July. “If we are to have a unified party in the fall, no matter who wins … Read More