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Daily Archives: May 10, 2016

DOJ Files Lawsuit Against North Carolina over Bathroom Law

The Department of Justice filed a federal lawsuit against North Carolina over its controversial anti-transgender bathroom laws. 'We stand with you," Attorney General Lynch tells the transgender community. "History is on your side." https://t.co/WGW6etemNL — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) May … Read More

Bison Declared National Mammal

The North American bison was declared as the national mammal of the United States by President Barack Obama on Monday. The Hill reports: This “majestic animal” now “joins the ranks of the Bald Eagle as the official symbol of our … Read More

Cruz Allies Gearing up for Convention Fight over Party Platform

Ted Cruz may have suspended his campaign, but his allies are still committed to fighting Donald Trump in any way possible. The Hill reports: Ken Cuccinelli, who had been in charge of winning delegates for Cruz before he dropped out … Read More

Sanders slams Trump in Atlantic City

Bernie Sanders tore into Donald Trump in Atlantic City on Monday. “The greed and recklessness we’ve seen from people like Donald Trump,” he said, before trailing off to ask the crowd if they are familiar with the presumptive Republican presidential … Read More

London Mayor: If Trump Wins I Can’t Visit US

London’s newly elected mayor, Sadiq Khan, joked on Monday that he wouldn’t be able to visit the United States if Donald Trump gets elected. “I want to go to America to meet with and engage with American mayors,” Khan told … Read More

Ryan: I’ll Step down as Convention Chairman If Trump Asks

Speaker Paul Ryan said on Monday that he will step down as chairman of the Republican National Convention in July if Donald Trump asks him to. “He’s the nominee. I’ll do whatever he wants with respect to the convention,” Ryan … Read More

Report: Facebook Omitted Conservative Topics from Trending List

A group of contractors who curated content for Facebook’s trending topic sections reported on Monday that there were never any conservative topics being reported on. The Hill reports: A former curator told Gizmodo that when he or she would log … Read More

Survey: Troops Prefer Trump to Clinton

According to a new survey released on Monday by the Military Times, soldiers favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by a ratio of 2-to-1. The Hill reports: While unscientific, the results indicate strong support for presumptive Republican presidential nominee, who … Read More

Christie to Lead Trump White House Transition Team

Donald Trump officially appointed Chris Christie to his White House transition team on Monday. “Governor Christie is an extremely knowledgeable and loyal person with the tools and resources to put together an unparalleled Transition Team, one that will be prepared … Read More

Maine Dems Vote to Bind Superdelegates to Caucus Results

Democrats in Maine have devised a plan to force the state’s superdelegates to vote based on the state’s presidential caucuses. The plan will not affect the 2016 election, but would go into effect by 2020. The Hill reports: The amendment to … Read More