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Daily Archives: May 18, 2016

DNC to ask Sanders, Clinton to denounce Nevada behavior

The Democratic National Committee is set to ask both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to denounce the recent violent behavior that took place in Nevada over the weekend. “We will be reaching out to the leadership of both of our … Read More

Sanders Shrugs off Talk of Bill Clinton Focusing on the Economy

Bernie Sanders shrugged off Hillary Clinton’s decision to put Bill Clinton to work on the economy if she wins the election. [email protected] on Hillary Clinton's idea to task Bill Clinton with revitalizing economy: "That's her judgement."https://t.co/GjWc2KvW0X — ABC News Politics … Read More

Poll: Dems Want Sanders as Clinton’s VP

A new poll by Rasmussen Reports revealed that the majority of Democrats want Hillary Clinton to choose Bernie Sanders as her vice president. The Hill reports: Thirty-six percent say they’d like the Vermont senator to be Clinton’s vice president, a … Read More

Senate Approves First Openly Gay Army Secretary

The Senate approved Eric Fanning to lead the Army on Tuesday, making him the first openly gay army secretary in US history. The Hill reports: The Senate confirmed Fanning by unanimous consent after his nomination had been held in limbo … Read More

Trump, Clinton Locked in Tight Race in Arizona

The latest poll by PPP for Arizona has revealed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are locked in a tight race. The Hill reports: Trump has a slight lead over Clinton in the state, 40 to 38 percent. In the … Read More

White House: Political Disputes ‘Never’ Justify Violence

The White House, on Tuesday, publicly denounced the recent outbreak of violence by Bernie Sander’s supporters at Nevada’s Democratic convention. “The president on a number of occasions has spoken out against violence and has certainly said a political dispute like … Read More

Poll: McCain Locked in Tough Reelection Fight

The latest poll by PPP has revealed that Sen. John McMcain is in a tough reelection bid and is struggling with unfavorable ratings. The Hill reports: The survey from the left-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) released Tuesday found that McCain … Read More

Melania Trump: ‘Unbelievable’ Chris Matthews Commented on Me

MSNBC host Chris Matthews drew the ire of Melania Trump on Tuesday after he commented about her physical appearance. “Unbelievable,” she said in an interview with Du Jour published on Tuesday. “That’s what I’m saying — I’m not only a … Read More

Sanders Wins Oregon

Bernie Sanders came away with a win in Oregon on Tuesday night. Sanders took home the majority of the state’s 61 pledged delegates, slightly reducing Hillary Clinton’s lead. The Hill reports: He still needs to win about two-thirds of the … Read More

Defiant Sanders Says Campaign Was Denied Fairness in Nevada

Bernie Sanders blasted the Nevada Democratic Party on Tuesday for abusing its power in the recent state convention. “Within the last few days there have been a number of criticisms made against my campaign organization,” Sanders said in a statement. … Read More