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Daily Archives: May 23, 2016

Clinton and Sanders Reminisce over Drinks on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had a chat over drinks on the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live. “I’m not going anywhere,” Sanders, played by Larry David, says as a bartender announces closing time. “I can stay here as long … Read More

Graham Privately Asks Conservatives to Back Trump: Report

Lindsey Graham has supposedly folded and is asking Republicans to back Donald Trump, CNN reports. The Hill reports: Graham, who once described Trump as “all-over-the-board crazy” and “unfit for office,” urged GOP donors at a private fundraiser Saturday to unite … Read More

Clinton: Trump’s Tax Returns Could Show He ‘Pays No Federal Income Tax’

Hillary Clinton criticized Donald Trump on Sunday when she suggested that Trump was hiding his tax return because he probably didn’t pay any income tax. “I think he needs to release his tax returns. The only two we have show … Read More

Former Marine Plans Anti-Trump Protest

A former Marine Corps veteran has scheduled an anti-Donald Trump protest on Monday. The Hill reports: Protest organizer and former Marine Alexander McCoy says Trump should apologize for stating he raised $6 million at a Jan. 28 fundraiser for veterans. … Read More

Trump Camp Quietly Courts Muslims

Donald Trump’s campaign is now silently courting Muslims after antagonizing them for months. The Hill reports: Walid Phares, a top national security adviser for Trump, has been courting prominent Muslim Republicans and conservative Middle Eastern activists in the U.S. Some … Read More

Washington State GOP Convention Supports Cruz

Ted Cruz is still a popular man, at least in the eyes of the Washington GOP. The Hill reports: The convention awarded 40 of the state’s 41 elected delegate slots for the Republican National Convention to Cruz, who dropped his … Read More

Clinton, Trump in Tight Races in Florida, Ohio

According to the latest polls, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in tight races in Florida and Ohio. The Hill reports: In a hypothetical match-up between the two in Florida, Clinton leads Trump by 1 point, 43 percent to 42 … Read More

Trump Slams Clinton for ‘Stupidity’ in Misspelled Tweet

Donald Trump tore into Hillary Clinton, spelling mistakes and all, on Sunday after she tweeted something that he didn’t like. Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president because her judgement has been proven to be so bad! Would be … Read More

Trump-Themed Lamborghini Parks Outside White House

YouTube user SpeedRacer38 drove a Donald Trump themed Lamborghini to the White House on Sunday in order to protest the Republican nominee. The Hill reports: YouTube user SpeedRacer38 posted video of himself driving his friend’s Aventador through downtown Washington, D.C., … Read More

Sanders Supporters Sue to Extend Calif. Voter Registration

Bernie Sander’s supporters are set to sue the state of California in order to extend the state’s voter registration until June 7. “Mistakes are being made,” said William Simpich, an Oakland civil rights attorney who filed the lawsuit Friday, according … Read More