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Daily Archives: May 29, 2016

Sanders: Primary Isn’t ‘Rigged,’ Just ‘Dumb’

Bernie Sanders blasted the primary system on Sunday, not for being “rigged,” but for being “dumb.” “Well, I’ve been very touched by Donald Trump’s love for me. But John, you know, with all due respect, I think there may be … Read More

Sanders: Clinton with a Moderate vp Would Be a ‘Disaster’

Bernie Sanders said on Saturday that it would be a “disaster” if Hillary Clinton chose a moderate vice president. “If Hillary Clinton were to win and Hillary Clinton were to bring onboard a conservative or moderate-type Democrat, I think politically … Read More

Trump University Judge to Unseal Documents

A federal judge ordered Trump University to unseal a batch of documents over the weekend. The Hill reports: The documents, which Trump’s lawyers have claimed constitute trade secrets, are from the program’s “playbooks.” The Washington Post filed a motion to … Read More

Sanders: I Would Vote to Legalize Marijuana in California

Bernie Sanders said on Saturday that he would vote in favor of legalizing marijuana in California. “There will be an item on your ballot in November — if I were a citizen of California, I would vote for that ballot … Read More

Sanders: ‘Terrible Idea’ to Turn to Biden If Clinton Is Indicted

Bernie Sanders said on Saturday that it would be a terrible idea to turn to Vice President Joe Biden if Hillary Clinton was forced out of the race. “I think that would be a terrible, terrible idea,” Sanders said Friday … Read More

Dick Van Dyke Introduces Sanders at Rally

Actor Dick Van Dyke introduced Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at a Santa Barbara, California, rally on Saturday. “Mostly I want to be here to talk to my generation,” the 90-year-old said. “I have a really important message for them. … Read More