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Daily Archives: May 31, 2016

Jesse Ventura Not Running for President

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura said on Monday that he will not run for president. The Hill reports: Ventura, who was governor from 1999-2003 as a member of the Reform Party, had earlier speculated that he might seek the endorsement … Read More

Former NSA Head on Trump: ‘He’s Feeding Their Recruitment Video’

Former head of the CIA and NSA, Michael Hayden, tore into Donald Trump on Sunday for his role in fueling ISIS. “The jihadist narrative is that there is undying enmity between Islam and the modern world, so when Trump says … Read More

Secret Service Protects Sanders as Audience Members Rush Stage

Bernie Sander’s Secret Service agents surrounded him on Monday after an audience member rushed the stage. The Hill reports: At least three people were led away by security at the Oakland, Calif., event, held eight days before the state’s June … Read More

Holder: Snowden Performed a ‘Public Service’

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said Edward Snowden performed a “public service” on Sunday. “We can certainly argue about the way in which Snowden did what he did, but I think that he actually performed a public service by … Read More

Carson: US Present Course Set for ‘Carnage and Death’

Ben Carson criticized American society on Monday, claiming that the country was a “cruise ship” about to go over the Niagara Falls. “America, right now, is like a cruise ship that is about to go off of Niagara Falls with … Read More

Trump Postpones Release of Veterans Funding Details

Early on his campaign, Donald Trump bragged about how much he loved and helped veterans, but now, he has delayed releasing details about his veteran funding programs. The Hill reports: The presumptive Republican presidential nominee claims he raised about $6 … Read More

Dems See Political Gold in Fight over Trump’s Taxes

The Democratic Party is eager to take on Donald Trump and they plan to hit the Republican nominee hard over his elusive tax return. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Democratic lawmakers and liberal activists are all trying to make … Read More

Sanders Looks to Golden State for Comeback Hopes

Bernie Sanders turned to the Golden State Warriors on Monday when he suggested that his campaign was capable of staging a major comeback against Hillary Clinton. Breaking :@BernieSanders just arrived at @warriors game. Says "let's turn this thing around." @SFGate … Read More

Trump Tears into Kristol on Twitter

Donald Trump tore into Bill Kristol on Twitter on Sunday after he suggested that the GOP would overthrow him. Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate–an impressive one, with a strong team and … Read More

Clinton Adds Calif. Stops Heading into Final Week

Hillary Clinton plans to add additional California stops heading into the final week of what is considered the most important primary. The Hill reports: Clinton was expected to campaign in New Jersey for two days this week. But instead she … Read More