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Daily Archives: June 1, 2016

MSNBC Interrupts Libertarian Candidate to Talk to Clinton

Gary who? Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson was interrupted mid-interview by MSNBC so that they could talk to Hillary Clinton. “Governors, I want to pause here for a second because we’ve got a rare opportunity – we’ve got more presidential … Read More

North Korean State Media Compliments Trump

Donald Trump has a new friend in the form of North Korea. The country’s media outlet, DPRK Today, called Trump a “wise politician” and a “far-sighted presidential candidate.” “In my personal opinion, there are many positive aspects to the Trump’s … Read More

Libertarian Nominee: Trump’s Rhetoric on Immigrants ‘Untrue’

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee, called out Donald Trump and his false rhetoric. "The people coming across the border are people that just want jobs" — @GovGaryJohnson https://t.co/tZSIW1My4E — New Day (@NewDay) May 31, 2016 “That isn’t true,” he … Read More

Major Green Group Endorses Clinton

The NRDC Action Fund officially endorsed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. The Hill reports: The group is the political wing of the Natural Resources Defense Council, and while it has made a string of endorsements in Senate and House contests, it … Read More

USA Today Editorial Board: Clinton ‘Broke the Rules’

The editorial board for USA Today called out Hillary Clinton on Tuesday when they accused her of breaking the rules with her private email server. “Everyone, including Hillary Clinton, now agrees that the newly confirmed secretary of State made a … Read More

Poll: Americans Want Change in Presidential Nominating Process

According to a new poll, 38 percent of Americans want to see a change in the presidential nominating process. The Hill reports: About 38 percent of respondents said they have hardly any confidence that the Democratic Party’s way of choosing … Read More

Hacked Road Sign: Trump Is a ‘Shape-Shifting Lizard’

The truth is here, Donald Trump is a “shape shifting lizard.” On I-30 in Dallas.."Donald Trump is a shaping shifting lizard!" pic.twitter.com/MqVFjVxJvK — Chad Potts (@Chad_Potts) May 31, 2016 The Hill reports: The electronic sign, intended to warn drivers of … Read More

Poll: Half of Voters Want Clinton to Run Even If Indicted

According to a poll by Rasmussen Reports, 50 percent of Americans want Hillary Clinton to run for president even if she gets indicted. The Hill reports: Even if Clinton faces a felony indictment over her use of a private email … Read More

Trump at War with Press over Donations to Veterans Groups

Donald Trump has been clashing with critics who are calling him out over his donations to America’s veterans. On Tuesday, Trump even clashed with one reporter, calling him a “sleaze” for questioning the donations. The Hill reports: At a press … Read More

Libertarian Nominee: I Agree with 73 Percent of What Sanders Says

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson said on Tuesday that he agrees with 73 percent of what Bernie Sanders says. “Of course I side with myself 100 percent of the time, but interestingly, of all the presidential candidates, I next … Read More