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Daily Archives: June 12, 2016

Poll: Libertarian Johnson Tops Clinton Among Independents

This could be a big year for third-party candidate and former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson. A new Fox News survey this week had him leading Clinton by a single point among independents, 23 percent to 22 percent for … Read More

Trump On Jeb Endorsement: ‘Who The Hell Cares?’

Anyone who followed the 2016 primary knows there is no love lost between former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and current presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Since he clinched the nomination, however, Jeb Bush is one of the few primary rivals … Read More

Reagan’s Son: Nothing ‘Reaganesque’ About Trump

Eldest son of the late President Ronald Reagan Michael has said that Trump should stop comparing himself to his father. He took it a step further on CNN on Saturday. “There’s nothing really Reaganesque” about him, Michael Reagan told Michael … Read More

Roethlisberger Not Planning To Endorse Trump Or Go To Convention

Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been dragged into the 2016 Election after Donald Trump stopped in the Steel City on Saturday. Trump claimed at a rally at the Pittsburgh International Airport that the Superbowl-winner had endorsed him. He also … Read More

Trump Hugs American Flag At Rally

Donald Trump literally hugged an American flag on stage at his rally on Saturday in Tampa, Florida. Trump had a rally in Tampa and he gave the flag a big old hug https://t.co/XJvcx8Ssxh pic.twitter.com/beTBfSHsoP — Kristin Salaky (@KristinSalaky) June 11, … Read More

New Hillary Ad Mocks Trump With a Maniacally-Upbeat Trump University Promo

A new ad from the Hillary Clinton campaign mocks Trump University with an energetic and positive-sounding video, that focuses on it being a “scam.” Using clips from MSNBC and other news outlets covering the Trump University lawsuit and the released … Read More