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Daily Archives: June 13, 2016

Trump Doubles Down On Terror, Immigration Pitch

After the horrific shooting in Orlando, Florida by a man who pledged allegiance to terrorist groups (at odds with each other, no less), Donald Trump doubled-down on some of his most controversial policy proposals. “We admit more than 100,000 lifetime migrants from … Read More

‘Hamilton’ Drops Muskets From Tony Performance After Nightclub Shootings

At the Tony Awards on Sunday night, the cast of the hit show Hamilton decided to remove props from their highly-anticipated performance. The props? Muskets. The cast performed the song “Yorktown” which covers Alexander Hamilton’s time at the Battle of Yorktown … Read More

Nightclub Shooting Suspect Legally Purchased Firearms

Details are finally emerging about the man who carried out the worst terror attack in the US since the attacks of September 11, 2001. Armed with an AR-15 and a handgun, the gunman shot more than 100 people, leaving at … Read More

Man With Weapons Arrested Ahead Of LA Pride Parade

While most the attention was one the terrible shooting in Orlando, Florida that left more than 100 wounded or dead, another possible tragedy was averted. Police in Santa Monica, California were called to investigate a suspicious person, and they found … Read More

Orlando Shooter’s Imam Is Pro-Trump

Donald Trump received an unlikely endorsement Sunday, that of the imam who runs the mosque where the Orlando gunman attended. Unexpected statement: Imam says he is "pro trump". Says if trump were in office, the anger would shift away from … Read More

Sanders Will Take Ideas To Convention, But We ‘Know Who Has The Most Votes’

Senator Bernie Sanders told reporters that he is still carrying on his campaign to the convention in July, but he’s not actively seeking to supplant Hillary Clinton as the nominee. It has been expected that Sen. Sanders would “end” his … Read More

Trump: If Clubgoers Had Guns, Orlando Tragedy Wouldn’t Have Been As Bad

Donald Trump thinks clubgoers in Orlando should have been armed after a terror attack with a gun killed and wounded more than 100. It was only a matter of time before someone said it, and the presumptive GOP nominee didn’t disappoint. … Read More

Clinton Calls Orlando Shooting An ‘Act of Terror’

Presumptive Democratic nominee for President Hillary Clinton called the shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida a terrorist act. She has been criticized in the past for not labeling the attack on American assets in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/2012 as … Read More

FBI Interviewed Orlando Shooting Suspect 3 Times

The man suspected of carrying out a terrorist attack at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida early Sunday morning was on the FBI’s radar. FBI Director James Comey said in a press conference that the FBI had interviewed the shooter once … Read More

Durbin Calls For Congress To Pass Gun Control Laws

Democratic Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin was the first Senate Democrat to issue a renewed call for gun control in the wake of a deadly terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida where legal guns were used. “We have the power to … Read More