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Daily Archives: June 14, 2016

Trump: Suspend Immigration From Areas With ‘Proven History Of Terrorism’

Donald Trump has seemingly learned his lesson after gaining near universal derision from elected officials and the press for calling for a ban on Muslim immigration. Trump, it seems, has learned the value of coded language, renewing his call for … Read More

Trump Says He’s Revoking Press Credentials For The Washington Post

The presumptive nominee of a major party just revoked the press credentials of one of America’s oldest newspapers for reporting on something he said and, later, refused to clarify. Donald Trump seemingly implied in an earlier speech that President Obama … Read More

Clinton Gets Biggest Cheers For Gun Crackdown Line

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton got the most applause for her statements about new gun control at a campaign event on Monday. Hillary Clinton: "I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets" #OrlandoShooting https://t.co/0Nh1VPRFZl https://t.co/KI0wdHMgzy — CNN … Read More

New Bill Would Ban Gun Sales To Those Convicted Of Hate Crimes

A Pennsylvania Senator will introduce new legislation aimed at preventing individuals convicted of hate crimes from owning firearms. “If you have proven you will commit criminal acts based on hate, you absolutely should not have access to a gun. It’s … Read More

Trump On Obama And Islam: ‘There’s Something Going On’

Donald Trump seemed to imply that President Obama was somehow colluding with Muslims or terrorists or both. “We’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind,” he told Fox & Friends on … Read More

Clinton: I’m Happy To Say ‘Radical Islamism’

President Barack Obama has gone out of his way to not say the words “radical Islam,” at this point almost to goad his GOP rivals who are so bent-out-of-shape about it. Hillary Clinton, however, does not have that problem. "This … Read More

Trump Calls For ‘Looking At The Mosques’

Presumptive Republican nominee for President Donald Trump implied his administration would surveil mosques, in what seems like a clear violation of First Amendment protections. “We have to be very strong with our military, with our security. We have to be … Read More

Ryan: ‘We Are At War With Islamist Terrorists’

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan issued a statement on the terrorist attack at an Orlando nightclub early Sunday Morning. The gunman called into 9/11 and pledged his allegiance to terrorist groups, such as the so-called Islamic State and their … Read More

Clinton Renews Call For Gun Control In Wake Of Orlando Attack

Hillary Clinton has called on Congress to try again to pass some meaningful gun control legislation in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting by a single civilian in U.S. history. Hillary Clinton on the gun control debate: "We can't … Read More

Libertarian Nominee: We Must Not ‘Politicize’ Orlando Shooting

Most of the Presidential candidates commented on the terror attack in Orlando, and all tied it to some part of their campaign. All but former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson. Thoughts are with the #Orlando victims & a community … Read More