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Daily Archives: July 1, 2016

Poll: Trump Gets 1 Percent Support Among Black Voters

The newest poll by Quinnipiac University has revealed that Donald Trump only has 1 percent support among African-American voters. The Hill reports: A Quinnipiac University survey released Wednesday found presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton taking 91 percent support among … Read More

Trump Points to Plane, Says It Could Be Mexico ‘Ready to Attack’

Donald Trump made another racist comment against Mexicans on Thursday when he pointed to the sky and suggested that a plane could be Mexico ready to attack. The Hill reports: Trump, delivering a speech about trade in New Hampshire, said … Read More

Lynch Meeting with Bill Clinton Creates Firestorm for Email Case

The private meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton has caused chaos for Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The Hill reports: The disclosure of the 30-minute meeting — which was described as an unplanned social visit on … Read More

House to Vote on Gun Legislation

One week after the Democrats staged a 26-hour sit-in in favor of gun control legislation, the House is set to vote next week on the issue. The Hill reports: In a conference call Thursday, Ryan told rank-and-file Republicans that the … Read More

Rasmussen Poll: Trump Holds 4-Point Lead

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll has revealed that Donald Trump has a 4 point lead over Hillary Clinton nationwide. The Hill reports: The presumptive GOP presidential nominee has 43 percent support among likely U.S. voters, and Clinton has 39 percent, … Read More

Majority of Democrats Want Third Term for Obama

A new poll has found that the majority of Democrats would like President Barack Obama to serve a third term. The Hill reports: Data provided to The Hill by the conservative polling outlet WPA Research found that 67 percent of … Read More

Gingrich, Christie Are the Leading Candidates to Be Trump’s Running Mate

According to the Washington Post, Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie are the two most likely candidates to become Donald Trump’s vice president. The Washington Post reports: Given Trump’s unpredictability, campaign associates caution that the presumptive Republican nominee could still shake … Read More

Here’s the Growing List of Big-Name Republicans Supporting Hillary Clinton

As the election draws closer, Hillary Clinton continues to win over longtime Republicans who have no desire to vote for Donald Trump. The Washington Post reports: Richard Armitage, Henry Paulson, Brent Scowcroft. Three big-name former George W. Bush administration officials in … Read More

Biden Says Sanders Will Endorse Clinton

Vice President Joe Biden said on Thursday that Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton. “Oh, I’ve talked to Bernie, Bernie’s going to endorse her, this is going to work out,” Biden told National Public Radio in an interview for “Weekend … Read More

Donald Trump, in a Trade Speech in New Hampshire, Veers Off to Jab Mexico

In classic Donald Trump fashion, the billionaire veered off course during a trade speech to take a shot at Mexico. The New York Times reports: Donald J. Trump was seven minutes into an address on Thursday on the loading dock … Read More