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Daily Archives: July 6, 2016

Clinton Camp on Email Investigation: ‘This Matter Is Now Resolved’

Hillary Clinton’s campaign put the email scandal to rest on Tuesday after the FBI recommended no charges be laid. “We are pleased that the career officials handling this case have determined that no further action by the Department is appropriate,” … Read More

White House Defends Political Use of Air Force One

The White House defended using Air Force One to transport President Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton’s rally in North Carolina on Tuesday. The Hill reports: President Obama and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will take Air Force One on … Read More

Trump Accuses FBI of ‘Bad Judgment’ in Clinton Decision

Donald Trump blasted the FBI on Tuesday after they recommended no charges for Hillary Clinton and her role in hosting classified emails on her private server. The system is rigged. General Petraeus got in trouble for far less. Very very … Read More

GOP Rep Mocks FBI’s Clinton Decision With ‘Get out of Jail Free’ Card

On Tuesday, the GOP rioted after they found out the FBI recommended that Hillary Clinton not be charged for her role in hosting classified emails on her private server. “In the real world the American people dont have a “get out … Read More

Palin: ‘Rise up and and Tear Down This Tyrannical System’

Sarah Palin called for Americans to revolt on Tuesday following the FBI’s decision on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. “Today’s FBI forgiveness of tyrants’ illegal acts illustrate purpose in why I insist Americans rise up and tear down this tyrannical system … Read More

Poll: Trump Within 1 of Clinton Nationally

A new poll by Morning Consult Survey has revealed that Donald Trump is within 1 point of Hillary Clinton nationally. The Hill reports: Clinton has 41 percent to Trump’s 40 percent, a Morning Consult survey released Tuesday said. Another 19 … Read More

Obama: ‘I Believe in Hillary Clinton’

President Barack Obama spoke in favor of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday when he said he believed in Clinton. “I’m here today because I believe in Hillary Clinton, and I want you to help elect her to be the next president … Read More

Ryan: GOP Will Hold Hearings on Clinton Probe

Paul Ryan said on Tuesday that the GOP will hold hearings regarding Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. “People have been convicted for far less,” Ryan said during an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News’s “The Kelly File,” saying that he … Read More

Speaker: FBI’s Clinton Decision ‘Defies Explanation’

House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Tuesday that the FBI’s decision on the Hillary Clinton email scandal “defies explanation.” “While I respect the law enforcement professionals at the FBI, this announcement defies explanation. No one should be above the law. … Read More

Rand Paul: Rule of Law ‘Turned Upside down’ on Clinton Emails

Rand Paul said on Tuesday that the FBI’s decision on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal proves that the legal system in the United States is broken. Today the FBI announced @HillaryClinton violated classified procedures and recklessly endangered national security – over … Read More