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Daily Archives: July 7, 2016

Fox News Anchor Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against CEO Ailes

Gretchen Carlson, a former Fox News anchor, has launched a sexual harassment lawsuit against CEO Roger Ailes after he allegedly fired her for not having sex for him. The Hill reports: Carlson, who hosted “The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson,” … Read More

Ryan Calls for ‘Administrative Action’ Against Clinton

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday called on the State Department to take “administrative action” against Hillary Clinton. “With no indictment occurring but a discussion or call for administrative action I think is the least we can do given how … Read More

Trump Announces $51M Fundraising Haul for June

After reports suggested he was broke, Donald Trump’s campaign announced on Wednesday that they brought in $51 million in June. The Hill reports: The campaign said it raised almost $20 million directly, with another $6.6 million coming from a joint … Read More

Lynch: No Charges Against Clinton

Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced on Wednesday that she would not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton over her email scandal. “Late this afternoon, I met with FBI Director James Comey and career prosecutors and agents who conducted the investigation,” Lynch … Read More

GOP Calls FBI Head Comey to Testify This Week

The GOP has called on FBI head James Comey to testify this week after he decided not to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton regarding her email scandal. “Individuals who intentionally skirt the law must be held accountable. Congress and the … Read More

Clinton, Sanders in talks to host joint event: reports

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders hinted at a possible joint event on Wednesday that would see Sanders endorse Clinton by next Tuesday. The Hill reports: NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell reported Wednesday afternoon that the endorsement could come if there were “no more … Read More

Group Drops $2,000 on Senate Floor to Protest GMO Bill

Individuals associated with the Organic Consumers Association tossed $2,000 on the ground of the Senate on Wednesday in order to protest GMOs. Wow, someone threw real money in the US Senate chamber! pic.twitter.com/zGK5wAs1pB — ClotureClub.com (@ClotureClub) July 6, 2016 The … Read More

Sanders: Clinton’s Tuition Plan a ‘Major Step Forward’

Bernie Sanders praised Hillary Clinton on Wednesday for her new college plan that will provide free tuition for most students. Sanders says House Dems booed him because "We look at the world a little bit differently" https://t.co/4m8dZkKmXp https://t.co/5bbDqMF9ZF — CNN … Read More

GOP Calls Lynch to Testify on Clinton Probe

Various Republicans have called on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to testify next week for her role in investigating Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The Hill reports: Lynch is slated to testify before the House Judiciary Committee next Tuesday, the panel announced … Read More

Green Party Candidate: Prosecute Clinton

The Green Party’s likely presidential nominee said on Wednesday that federal prosecutors should have prosecuted Hillary Clinton. The Hill reports: In a Wednesday statement, Jill Stein echoed Republican criticism of the Obama administration, saying that the FBI “is giving Clinton … Read More