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Daily Archives: July 10, 2016

Obama to Reporter: Don’t Waste a Question on Clinton Emails

President Barack Obama refused to answer any questions regarding Hillary Clinton’s email scandal on Saturday. “I’m going to continue to be scrupulous about not commenting on it just because I think [FBI] Director Comey could not have been more exhaustive,” … Read More

Palin: Black Lives Matter Is a ‘Farce’

Sarah Palin tore into the Black Lives Matter movement on Saturday, calling it a “farce.” “#BlackLivesMatter is a Farce and Hyphenating America Destroys Us,” Palin wrote as an apparent title to her post, explaining later that “self-descriptions that put any … Read More

Obama ‘Concerned’ by State Dept. Handling of Classified Info

President Barack Obama said on Thursday that he was “concerned” with the way that the State Department carelessly handled classified information. “I am concerned,” he told reporters at a news conference in Warsaw Saturday, according to Reuters. The Hill reports: But … Read More

Dems Back $15 Minimum Wage in Platform

On Friday, the Democratic National Committee backed a platform that will feature a $15 minimum wage. The Hill reports: The move came after a deal made by Sanders backers and supporters of Hillary Clinton at the DNC’s platform meeting in … Read More

Clinton Rolls out Sanders-Like Healthcare Plan

Hillary Clinton rolled out a Bernie Sandiers-like healthcare plan on Saturday. The Hill reports: The plan includes a so-called “public option” within ObamaCare, an allowance for people to enroll in Medicare at age 55, and increasing funding for community-based health … Read More

Poll: Americans Want Alternative to Trump, Clinton

A new poll by Reuters/Ipsos has revealed that a decent number of Americans want an alternative to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The Hill reports: Twenty-one percent of likely voters say they will not back either party’s presumptive nominee for … Read More