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Daily Archives: July 12, 2016

Biden Laughs at Trump as the ‘Law and Order Candidate’

Vice President Joe Biden laughed at the prospect of Donald Trump being the “law and order” candidate on Tuesday. On @GMA, @VP Joe Biden laughs off Trump's claim to be the "law and order candidate" https://t.co/j2HHeY0VTD https://t.co/OSeM0mrzLg — ABC News … Read More

Trump Fires Back: Ginsburg’s Comments a ‘Disgrace to the Court’

Donald Trump slammed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Tuesday after she weighed in on his presidential campaign. “I think it’s highly inappropriate that a United States Supreme Court judge gets involved in a political campaign, frankly,” Trump said in an … Read More

Trump: Sanders ‘Sold out’ to Clinton

Donald Trump accused Bernie Sanders of selling out to Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. Bernie Sanders, who has lost most of his leverage, has totally sold out to Crooked Hillary Clinton. He will endorse her today – fans angry! — Donald … Read More

Charles Koch: Voting Clinton or Trump Like Choosing ‘Cancer or Heart Attack’

Charles Koch criticized both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Monday when he compared picking them to choosing between cancer and a heart attack. “If I had to vote for cancer or heart attack, why would I vote for either?” Koch told … Read More

Clinton’s Lead over Trump Shrinks to 3 Points Nationwide

Hillary Clinton’s one strong lead over Donald Trump has evaporated to only 3 points nationwide. The Hill reports: Clinton leads Trump, 47 to 44 percent, in the NBC News/Survey Monkey poll released Tuesday. Clinton had a 5-point edge over Trump, … Read More

Intelligence Director Won’t Deny Clinton Classified Briefings

While House Speaker Paul Ryan is calling for Hillary Clinton to have her security clearances revoked, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made it clear that he does “not intend to withhold briefings from any officially nominated, eligible candidate.” “Nominees for … Read More

TRANSCRIPT: Sanders – ‘Why I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton’

Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. See a full transcript of his speech below as reported by The Hill: Let me begin by thanking the 13 million Americans who voted for me during the Democratic primaries. Let me … Read More

Cruz Flying to Dallas with Obama for Memorial in Show of Unity

In a rare showing of Unity, Ted Cruz is flying to Dallas to appear with President Barack Obama at a memorial for the police officers who were killed last Thursday. The Hill reports: Cruz was spotted by reporters in the … Read More

Gary Johnson Woos ‘Burned’ Sanders Supporters

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson tried to woo “burned” Bernie Sanders supporters on Tuesday after the Democratic candidate endorsed Hillary Clinton. “If you’re still ‘feeling the Bern’ — and feeling burned, because the Clinton machine rolled over your ideals — … Read More

Green Party Candidate Bashes Sanders’s Endorsement of Clinton

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein blasted Bernie Sanders on Twitter on Tuesday for selling out by endorsing Hillary Clinton. Many Berning hearts are breaking right now. It sounds like the only good thing Bernie can say about Hillary is … Read More