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Daily Archives: July 16, 2016

Congress Publishes Redacted 28 Pages from 9/11 Report

On Friday, the House Intelligence Committee released 28 previously classified pages from 2002’s congressional investigation into 9/11. The Hill reports: The long-secret pages detail evidence linking Saudi Arabia to 9/11 uncovered in the immediate aftermath, though officials warn that it … Read More

Gingrich: Obama Isn’t Qualified to Criticize Me over Muslims

Newt Gingrich blasted President Barack Obama on Friday after he questioned Gingrich’s qualifications to bash Muslims. “Obama’s attack on me would be more impressive if he had ANY plan to defeat Islamic supremacist,” the former GOP Speaker tweeted. “8 years … Read More

Trump: ‘I’m So Stable You Wouldn’t Believe It’

Donald Trump dismissed his critics on Thursday when he called himself stable. “I’m a very stable person,” he said in an interview with Time published Thursday. “I’m so stable you wouldn’t believe it. “We need a strong tone and a … Read More

Trump Tried to Back off Pence Pick: Report

According to reports, Donald Trump originally tried to back out of the Mike Pence pick. Scoop: @realDonaldTrump was so unsure about @mike_pence that around midnight last night he asked top aides if he could get out of it — Dana … Read More

Clinton Meets with Warren amid VP Speculation

After Donald Trump chose Mike Pence as his vice president, Hillary Clinton met with Elizabeth Warren on Friday, fueling rumors that she is going to pick her as her vice president. The Hill reports: They met at Clinton’s home in … Read More

Turkish Leaders Say Coup Attempt ‘Foiled,’ 265 Killed

On Friday, the Turkish government suffered a coup after the nations military broke off and attempted to overthrow the government. "The government is in control" says Turkish President Erdogan to large crowd in #Istanbul https://t.co/L0RGwehN42 https://t.co/mSwhqzLj9A — CNN (@CNN) July … Read More