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Daily Archives: August 31, 2016

Clinton Casts Trump as Unfit to Lead Military

Hillary Clinton gave a 40-minute speech to veterans, painting Donald Trump as dangerous and unqualified to be their future Commander-in-Chief. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton cast Donald Trump as unqualified for the role of commander in chief in a speech … Read More

Trump to Receive Second Intelligence Briefing: Report

Although many criticize Donald Trump for his braggadocious speaking style, which could be a problem if he receives classified information, Trump will receive another intelligence briefing Friday. The Hill reports: Donald Trump is set to receive another classified briefing from … Read More

Trump Gets ‘Re-Action’ Figure Treatment

Toymaker FCTRY has produced a Donald Trump action figure. The company recently made Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton action figures as well. The Hill reports: Donald Trump is getting the action figure treatment. Starting Wednesday, production design company FCTRY is … Read More

Bretibart Bashed Clinton for Calling Mexican President a ‘Friend’

Breitbart news bashed Clinton for calling Mexican President Nieto “our friend” three months ago, but was silent Wednesday when Trump called Nieto “a friend”. The Hill reports: Republican nominee Donald Trump called Mexican president Peña Nieto “a friend” in remarks to … Read More

Trump: Maybe We Can Deport Clinton

In a speech Wednesday, Donald Trump joked that Hillary Clinton herself could be deported for her allegedly illegal actions. The Hill reports: Donald Trump joked about deporting Hillary Clinton during a fiery speech outlining his immigration policies on Wednesday night. Trump, … Read More

Deportations Under President Obama Could Hit 10-Year Low

As opposed to Trump’s harsh measures proposed to curb illegal immigration, Barack Obama has softened his approach to deportations in recent years. The Hill reports: The number of undocumented immigrants deported by President Obama is falling and could hit a … Read More

Clinton Camp Asks Which Tweets Trump Will Discuss With Mexican President

The Clinton campaign took to social media prior to Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico yesterday to mock Trump’s speaking style and ask him which ones he will be discussing with Mexican President Nieto. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton’s campaign is … Read More

Mexican President Contradicts Trump on Who’ll Pay for Border Wall

Donald Trump went to Mexico yesterday to meet with Mexican President Nieto. He did not discuss the payment of the border wall with Nieto. The Hill reports: Donald Trump on Wednesday said he declined to discuss with the Mexican president … Read More

Trump Aide: Mexico Trip ‘a Decisive, Presidential Move’

Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump’s aides, stated that by visiting Mexico, Donald Trump has shown he is Presidential. The Hill reports: Donald Trump’s campaign manager says the billionaire’s last-minute trip to Mexico proves he is ready for the presidency. “The fact is, … Read More

Trump: Democrats Are ‘the Party of Slavery’

Donald Trump appealed to African American voters on Tuesday by claiming that the Democratic Party was ‘the party of slavery’ while the Republican Party was ‘the party of Abraham Lincoln’. The Hill reports: Donald Trump on Tuesday called the Democratic … Read More