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Daily Archives: September 12, 2016

Trump to Release Physical on Dr. Oz Show: Report

In true Donald Trump fashion, the billionaire will announce the results of his physical this week on The Dr. Oz Show. The Hill reports: Trump, whose appearance on the program was announced last week, will reveal his physical on the show … Read More

Trump: Clinton Must Retract ‘Deplorables’ Remark or End Campaign

Donald Trump said on Monday that Hillary Clinton must retract her “deplorables” comment or end her campaign. Trump on Clinton: "You cannot run for president if you have such contempt in your heart for the American voter” https://t.co/zGg12nLQX0 — CNN … Read More

Clinton to Reveal More Health Info in Coming Days

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is set to release further details about her health in the coming days. “In the next couple days, we’re going to be releasing additional medical information about Hillary Clinton,” spokesman Brian Fallon said on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell … Read More

Clinton’s Reluctance to Drink Water Causing Tension with Her Staff: Report

According to members of Hillary Clinton’s staff, Clinton frequently refuses to drink water, leading to dehydration. “She won’t drink water, and you try telling Hillary Clinton to drink water,” a source said. The Hill reports: Clinton abruptly left a 9/11 … Read More

Members of Clinton’s Staff Have Battled Pneumonia Bug

According to sources inside of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, numerous members have been battling pneumonia. The Hill reports: At least half a dozen senior staff members in Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters battled the illness before the Democratic presidential nominee was diagnosed with … Read More

Carson Wants to See Specialized MRI from Clinton

Ben Carson said on Monday that he would like to see Hillary Clinton’s specialized MRI. “In the case of Hillary Clinton, because she has had a brain injury in the past and there is a question of venous sinus thrombosis, … Read More

Cruz: Boycott Protesting Sports Stars’ Merchandise

Ted Cruz said on Monday that sports fans should protest protesting athletes by boycotting their merchandise. To all the athletes who have made millions in America's freedom: stop insulting our flag, our nation, our heroes. https://t.co/GrGPYX8HCh — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) … Read More

Bill Clinton’s CIA Chief Joins Trump Campaign

Bill Clinton’s former CIA chief, James Woolsey, joined Donald Trump’s campaign this week. The Hill reports: Woolsey, who served as director of the CIA from 1993 to 1995 and describes himself as a life-long Democrat, praised Trump’s commitment to ending … Read More

Libertarian Nominee Top Choice Among Veterans

According to a new poll, Gary Johnson tends to be more popular among veterans than either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The Hill reports: Johnson was preferred by 37 percent of respondents, which include active-duty, retired and former members of … Read More

Clinton Cancels Campaign Trip to California

Hillary Clinton announced on Monday that she will not be going to California for a scheduled campaign trip. WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) _ Hillary Clinton cancels plans to travel to West Coast Monday, Tuesday following health episode at 9/11 memorial. … Read More