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Daily Archives: September 15, 2016

Trump to Interviewer: ‘I Wouldn’t Be Talking to You’ If Medical Test Results Were ‘Bad’

Donald Trump implied Thursday that Hillary Clinton is hiding bad health reports by not being open with the press. The Hill reports: [email protected] on results of recent physical: “I wouldn’t be talking to you right now if they were bad” pic.twitter.com/ROjocJ7kD0 — FOX … Read More

Clinton Points to Russia in Powell’s Email Leak

Hillary Clinton blamed Russia for the recent Colin Powell email leaks and wants them to stop interfering in the election. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton talks about Colin Powell’s emails https://t.co/nyGlsELq69https://t.co/jfEDFtdlhr — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) September 15, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on … Read More

Trump Says He Would Eliminate Food Safety Regs

Donald Trump stated Thursday he will “eliminate” certain FDA regulations once elected. The Hill reports: Donald Trump intends to roll back food safety regulations if he wins the White House in November. In a fact sheet Thursday, the campaign highlighted a … Read More

Trump Proposes 35 Percent Tax on Foreign-Produced Cars

Donald Trump stated Thursday that American car manufacturers leaving the US will pay for that privilege in extra taxation. The Hill reports: [email protected] on Ford moving small car production to Mexico: I’ve been saying for years this was going to happen pic.twitter.com/7gg9SlHXO6 — FOX … Read More

Ryan: Trump Should Release Tax Returns

Even established Republicans like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) want Donald Trump to release his tax returns to the American public. The Hill reports:   Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Thursday said that Donald Trump should release his tax information to the public. When … Read More

Clinton: Trump Has ‘Incited Violence’

Hillary Clinton doubled down on her message of peace Thursday, while calling Trump out for his message of hate. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton is stepping up her criticism of Donald Trump, accusing him of inciting violence and aligning himself with hateful … Read More

Trump: I Kiss Ivanka ‘as Often as I Can’

Some bloggers have found controversy in Donald and Ivanka Trumps’ affection on the Dr. Oz Show, which taped Wednesday and will air Thursday. The Hill reports: Donald Trump is not shy about showing his affection for his 34-year-old daughter, Ivanka Trump. In … Read More

Poll: Clinton, Trump Tied in Four-Way Race

Despite the recent setbacks, Hillary Clinton is still leading Trump in polls nationally. The Hill reports: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and GOP rival Donald Trump are tied among likely voters in a four-way race nationally, according to a new poll. The major-party nominees … Read More

Trump’s Son: Not Releasing Tax Returns Because Scrutiny Would Be Distraction

According to Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., having their father release his tax returns would be harmful to his campaign and message. The Hill reports: Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday defended his father’s decision not to release his tax returns, … Read More

Clinton: I’ve Been More Transparent Than Trump

Hillary Clinton wants Donald Trump to be more transparent with the American public by releasing his tax returns. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton: I have been more transparent than Donald Trump https://t.co/6OZtrfIwimhttps://t.co/wjka7SxpFp — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) September 15, 2016 Hillary Clinton says she … Read More