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Daily Archives: September 16, 2016

Trump: Clinton’s Bodyguards Should Drop Guns and ‘See What Happens to Her’

Donald Trump thinks that Hillary Clinton should not have armed bodyguards since she wants stricter gun control. The Hill reports: Trump on Clinton’s bodyguards: “Take their guns away. She doesn’t want guns… let’s see what happens to her.” https://t.co/NBBP1pji5j — … Read More

Sanders: Nobody’s Ever Asked Me Where I Was Born

On Friday, Bernie Sanders claimed Donald Trump was being racist for questioning Barack Obama’s birthplace. The Hill reports: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Friday weighed in on the latest outbreak of the “birther” controversy regarding President Obama, saying he was … Read More

Kasich: ‘Very Unlikely’ I’ll Vote for Trump

John Kasich is being coy with whether or not he supports Donald Trump as the GOP’s nominee. The Hill reports: John Kasich says “very unlikely” he will vote for Trump: “Too much water under the bridge.” https://t.co/NpFGukCoBn https://t.co/FvVkWtusuZ — New … Read More

Clinton Wants Gore to Warn Voters off Third Parties

Hillary Clinton understands she will have more competition than Donald Trump when it comes to third party voters reducing her chances to win the election. She is calling on Al Gore to help her. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton’s campaign … Read More

Media: ‘We All Got Rickrolled’ by Trump

Donald Trump played with the press and made them give him “more than 25 minutes of free airtime” on Friday. The journalists are not happy with that. The Hill reports: Journalists lashed out at Donald Trump on Friday after the GOP … Read More

Rasmussen: Dems Want Sanders Running If Clinton Drops Out

In the event that Hillary Clinton is forced out of the race due to her health, almost half of all Democrats polled by Rasmussen are open to the idea of Bernie Sanders running for President in her place. The Hill … Read More