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Daily Archives: September 26, 2016

NYT Lays out Argument Against Trump for President

The New York Times ripped Donald Trump on Monday, calling on undecided voters not to vote for him in this year’s election. The Hill reports: On the eve of the first presidential debate, the paper’s editorial board wrote, “It is time for … Read More

Poll: Most Think Debate Moderators Will Help Clinton More Than Trump

A new poll by Rasmussen Reports has revealed that most Americans think the debate moderators will help Hillary Clinton more than Donald Trump. The Hill reports: Rasmussen Reports finds that 46 percent of likely U.S. voters think the presidential debate … Read More

Post Piles On: ‘Beyond Debate’ Trump Is Unfit for Office

Both the New York Times and The Washington Post tore into Donald Trump on Monday, calling him unfit to be president. The Hill reports: In an editorial titled, “It’s beyond debate that Donald Trump is unfit to be president,” the Post said Monday’s much … Read More

McConnell Threatens Shutdown to Keep Corporate Political Spending Secret

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to threaten a shutdown in order to keep corporate spending a secret. The Hill reports: In the midst of a close national election, Senate Republicans are risking a government shutdown at midnight on Oct. … Read More

Top Climate Skeptic to Lead Trump’s EPA Transition Team

According to the latest reports, Donald Trump will have a climate change skeptic lead his administrations EPA transition team. The Hill reports: Myron Ebell, director of energy and environment policy at the conservative think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, is heading … Read More

Election Model Gives Clinton 332 Electoral Votes

The latest report by Moody’s Analytics released on Monday has suggested that Hillary Clinton would win the election today based on their election model. The Hill reports: The model forecasts that Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, will win 332 electoral … Read More

Poll: Clinton, Trump Tied Nationally

The latest poll by Bloomberg Politics has revealed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied at 46 points a piece. The Hill reports: In a head-to-head matchup, both candidates are favored by 46 percent of likely voters, according to … Read More

FiveThirtyEight: Trump Would Win If Election Were Held Today

According to FiveThirtyEight, Donald Trump would win the election if it were held right now. On the eve of presidential debate,, @FiveThirtyEight poll analysis shows Trump favored to win on Election Day. #tcot pic.twitter.com/jk4BNa8uCt — The Patriarch Tree (@PatriarchTree) September … Read More

Trump Endorsed by Immigration Officers

Donald Trump was officially endorsed on Monday by a union that represents more than 5,000 federal immigration officers. The Hill reports: The National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council made its first endorsement for a candidate running for an elected office, … Read More

Green Party Nominee Escorted off Debate Premises

The Green Party’s Jill Stein was escorted off the debate premises before Monday night’s presidential debate started. I'm pretty sure Jill Stein just boarded the media bus at the Hofstra University #Debates2016 — Eliza Collins (@elizacollins1) September 26, 2016 After … Read More