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Daily Archives: September 30, 2016

Detroit Newspaper Breaks With Tradition, Endorses Gary Johnson

A Detroit newspaper that has a 100+ history of endorsing Republican presidential candidates has just come out in support of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. The Hill reports: The Detroit News on Thursday endorsed Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, breaking … Read More

USA Today in Scathing Editorial: Trump Is ‘Unfit for the Presidency’

Along with other newspapers, USA Today denied to endorse Donald Trump, believing that he is “unfit” to lead the nation. While the paper implicitly endorsed Hillary Clinton, they all criticized her as well. The Hill reports: The USA Today editorial … Read More

Clinton Ad Shows Statements Trump ‘Never Said’

The Clinton campaign has released a new advertisement criticizing Donald Trump for statements he claims he “never said” when at the debate on Monday. The Hill reports: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign is slamming Donald Trump for everything the … Read More

America Cannot Elect a Fat-Shaming Misogynist as President

Since Alicia Machado has appeared at the forefront of this election cycle, women and Latinos in America are judging Donald Trump’s alleged past behavior with both demographics. The Hill reports: We are in Day 3 of the Alicia Machado-Donald Trump … Read More

Trump: Debate Was Rigged

After reviewing his performance during the debate, Donald Trump believes it was rigged against him. The Hill reports: Trump now says the debate was “rigged” https://t.co/DHH5VUux2J — Jon Passantino (@passantino) September 29, 2016 Donald Trump on Thursday said that the … Read More