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Daily Archives: October 1, 2016

Trump Raises Mic Concerns When Asked About Next Debate

Donald Trump wants to ensure that his mic is working for the next debate, as he felt his mic was defective during the first presidential debate. The Hill reports: Donald Trump on Friday hinted at concerns about equipment failure when … Read More

Report: German Gov’t Thinks Trump Would Wreck US Economy

The German government has leaked a memo to newspaper Der Spiegel, in which they believe that Donald Trump’s policies would harm Germany’s export market should he become President. The Hill reports: An analysis conducted by the German Finance Ministry concluded … Read More

Trump: ‘I’m Considering’ Going After Clintons’ Marriage

Donald Trump may bring up Bill Clinton’s sexual history on the campaign trail, after Hillary Clinton brought up his alleged treatment of Alicia Machado, which Trump felt was a personal attack. The Hill reports: Donald Trump said he isn’t ruling out … Read More

Trump Demands Obama Not Pardon Clinton for ‘Crimes’

At a rally Friday, Donald Trump requested that President Obama not provide Hillary Clinton with a blanket pardon prior to leaving office, for “crimes” she allegedly committed. The Hill reports: Donald Trump on Friday warned President Obama against pardoning Hillary … Read More

Campaign Denies UK’s Nigel Farage Coaching Trump for Next Debate

It appears that UK politician Nigel Farage will not be coaching Donald Trump for the next Presidential debate, in contrast to the many online news reports that he will be. The Hill reports: Donald Trump’s campaign is denying a report … Read More

Clinton Mocks Trump With Her Own 3 a.m. Tweetstorm

Hillary Clinton one-upped Donald Trump on Twitter after he mocked her ability to answer a 3AM phone call, in reference to a previous commercial she made when running against Obama in 2008. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton took a page … Read More

Cruz Criticizes Federal Law Enforcement on Terrorism

Former presidential candidate and current Texas Senator Ted Cruz criticized the Obama administration for what he perceives to be a lackluster effort by law enforcement to contain and deal with terrorism. The Hill reports: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is pushing … Read More

Hannity Beats O’Reilly, Kelly in Ratings

Sean Hannity now has the “highest rated cable new show,” and it may be due to Trump’s rising popularity as well as the support Trump receives on Hannity’s show. The Hill reports: Fox News’s Sean Hannity had the highest rated cable … Read More

Trump Deposition Video to Be Released

A video made back in June 2016 of Donald Trump being deposed over alleged anti-Mexican statements will be released by Friday. The Hill reports: Video of Donald Trump testifying under oath about derogatory comments he’s made about Hispanics will be … Read More

Libertarian Vp: Clinton Might Be the Most Qualified to Be President

Libertarian party VP nominee Bill Weld has come out in support of Hillary Clinton as a qualified candidate, although he still thinks Gary Johnson, his running mate, would be better for the country. The Hill reports: Libertarian vice presidential nominee … Read More