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Daily Archives: October 8, 2016

Adviser: Carson Sticks by Trump ‘100 Percent’

Dr. Ben Carson’s support of Donald Trump will not waver, in spite of the 2005 comments Trump made about women, as Carson believes the comments are no different than rap lyrics sung today. The Hill reports: Donald Trump ally Ben … Read More

Trump: ‘Zero Chance I’ll Quit’

Donald Trump will not withdraw from the Presidential race, even in light of his 2005 comments about women which were leaked earlier this week. The Hill reports: Donald Trump says there’s no way he’s dropping out of the presidential race. … Read More

Colbert Unloads on Trump: He’s Trying to ‘F–K’ America

Comedian and host of the Late Show Stephen Colbert recorded a message to Donald Trump after reacting to Trump’s leaked 2005 audio comments about women. The Hill reports: And now an important message from Stephen Colbert’s den. #TrumpBush2016 pic.twitter.com/OKMY2lTSq9 — … Read More

Top GOP Strategist Shreds Trump: ‘He Is Not Fit to Be Called a Man’

GOP Strategist Ana Navarro has criticized Donald Trump for his 2005 remarks against women, calling the Presidential candidate a “sexist” and a “pig.” The Hill reports: Ana Navarro: “It is time to ask [Trump] to step down … he is … Read More

Schwarzenegger Won’t Be Voting Republican for the First Time Ever

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has come out publicly and advised the American people to vote for their country over their party. The Hill reports: Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Saturday morning that he will not vote for the GOP presidential nominee this … Read More

Report: Pence Was ‘Beside Himself’ Over Trump’s 2005 Remarks

Upon hearing the tape of Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women, Vice-Presidential candidate Mike Pence was “floored.” The Hill reports: Mike Pence and his wife were reportedly floored on Friday when they heard about the lewd remarks about women Donald … Read More