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Daily Archives: October 16, 2016

Trump Vows to Become ‘Best Friends’ with India

Donald Trump vowed on Saturday night to become “best friends” with India. The Hill reports: Trump vowed in a speech before the Republican Hindu Coalition that if he won, the Hindu and Indian communities would have a “true friend” in … Read More

Kaine: Trump Claiming Election Rigged Because He’s Losing

  Sen. Tim Kaine said on Saturday that Donald Trump is whining about the election being rigged because he is losing. “Donald Trump realizes he’s losing, and Hillary Clinton definitely made him realize in that first debate that he was … Read More

Trump Asks: Can You Believe I Lost Women Voters ‘Based on Made up Events’?

Donald Trump questioned current support trends and why he lost the support of women over the past week. Polls close, but can you believe I lost large numbers of women voters based on made up events THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Media … Read More

Nicki Minaj: ‘You Better Pray to God We Don’t Get Stuck with Motherf-king Melania’

Nicki Minaj joined the political theater on Saturday when she said that America better pray they don’t get stuck with Melania Trump as the first lady. Nicki Minaj stating nothing but the truth, while dragging Melania Trump. pic.twitter.com/b9iDURDUtJ — Nicki's … Read More

Des Moines Register Endorses Clinton

The Des Moines Register, a top newspaper in Iowa, officially endorsed Hillary Clinton on Saturday. “For those who believe America should be a beacon of a hope in a world ravaged by terrorism, that it should be a force for … Read More

Nebraska Newspaper Breaks with Tradition, Endorses Clinton

The Omaha World-Herald, a popular newspaper in Nebraska broke from 100 years of Republican tradition and endorsed Hillary Clinton on Sunday. The Hill reports: In an editorial released late Saturday, the Nebraska newspaper said Clinton has the best chance to … Read More

Trump Blasts ‘Saturday Night Live Hit Job’

Donald Trump fired back at Saturday Night Live on Sunday for their recent skits which heavily mocked him. Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me.Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election! … Read More

‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Second Trump, Clinton Debate

Saturday Night Live mocked Donald Trump on Saturday in a skit that featured Alec Baldwin as Trump. The Hill reports: “Hello, and welcome to the second and worst-ever presidential debate,” moderator “Martha Raddatz” says before she and “Anderson Cooper” do … Read More

CBS Poll: Women Give Clinton Edge in Battleground States

According to the latest polls, women are giving Hillary Clinton an edge in battleground states. The Hill reports: Clinton leads Trump, 46 percent to 40 percent, across New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, … Read More

Kaine Delivers Speech in Spanish During Church Service

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, delivered a speech in Spanish at a church service on Sunday. The Hill reports: The Virginia senator’s speech marks the first time a member of a presidential ticket has made an address entirely in … Read More