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Daily Archives: October 16, 2016

Chaffetz: New Clinton Files Contain Allegations of ‘Quid pro Quo’ with FBI

According to Rep. Jason Chaffetz, head of the House Oversight Committee, there may be allegations of “quid pro quo” between a top aide to Hillary Clinton and an FBI official. “In return for altering the classification, the possibility of additional … Read More

Clinton Camp Steps up Attacks on WikiLeaks, Bashes Media

The recent release of John Podesta’s emails by Wikileaks has caused the Clinton campaign to question the veracity of the leaks, and whether the Russians were behind the leaks as well. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton’s advisers are ramping up … Read More

Trump Camp Says It Raised $100M in September

Donald Trump keeps breaking fundraising records, as he just raised $100 million in the month of September alone. The Hill reports: Donald Trump’s campaign raised a record $100 million during the month of September. The joint fundraising committees and the … Read More

Nebraska’s First Lady Breaks with Husband to Back Clinton

Nebraska First Lady Susanne Shore has decided, unlike her husband, to support Hillary Clinton for the Presidency. The Hill reports: Nebraska’s first lady is breaking with her husband — a Republican and Donald Trump supporter — to back Hillary Clinton … Read More

Kasich: GOP Must Evolve or It Will Die

Governor John Kasich, who did not receive the Republican presidential nomination this election cycle, is warning the GOP that it must evolve or die. The Hill reports: Ohio Gov. John Kasich has a grave warning for the GOP. “If the … Read More

Glenn Beck: Michelle Obama Gave ‘Most Effective Political Speech’ Since Reagan

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck praised Michelle Obama’s speech in which she criticized Donald Trump. The Hill reports: First lady Michelle Obama’s speech this week slamming Donald Trump’s comments about women was “the most effective political speech since Ronald Reagan,” according … Read More

Trump Calls for Drug Test Before Debate

Donald Trump has called for drug tests to be administered prior to the third debate between himself and Hillary Clinton. The Hill reports: Donald Trump on Saturday called for himself and Hillary Clinton to take a drug test prior to the … Read More