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Daily Archives: October 20, 2016

Trump Proclaims Himself Debate Winner in Early Morning Tweet

Donald Trump declared his debate win on Twitter by citing unscientific polls created by specific media outlets. The Hill reports: Republican nominee Donald Trump in an early morning tweet declared himself the winner of the third and final presidential debate. … Read More

Trump Calls Clinton ‘Such a Nasty Woman’

Donald Trump personally attacked Hillary Clinton’s character during the third presidential debate. The Hill reports: Donald Trump cut in with the most personal line of Wednesday night’s presidential, describing Hillary Clinton as a “nasty woman.” The exchange came during a … Read More

Sanders Slams Trump After Being Criticized During Debate

Bernie Sanders criticized Donald Trump for using him as a talking point in the third presidential debate against Hillary Clinton. The Hill reports: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) blasted Donald Trump as the “least qualified person to become president” immediately after … Read More

No Rigged Debate Here: Moderator Chris Wallace Wins the Night

Chris Wallace of FOX was, by far, the best moderator so far, according to the growing media consensus. The Hill reports: The reviews are in for moderator Chris Wallace. And let’s just say that we haven’t seen a media harmony … Read More

Clinton Beating Trump in Breitbart’s Post-Debate Poll

Breitbart, the notoriously conservative news website, held a poll on who the third presidential debate. Hillary won, although the poll was not scientific. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming winner of an online poll asking readers of conservative … Read More

Trump Tops Twitter During Third Debate

Donald Trump is a more popular conversation piece on Twitter than Hillary Clinton. The Hill reports: Donald Trump is dominating the conversation on Twitter Wednesday night during the final 2016 presidential debate, in Las Vegas. The GOP presidential nominee was … Read More

‘Bigly’ Is Top Trending Google Search During Trump-Clinton Debate

Donald Trump’s unique vocabulary is spreading across Twitter. The Hill reports: The word “bigly” is the top trending word on all of Google during the early stages of Wednesday’s presidential debate, according to Google Trends. Donald Trump likes to use … Read More

Letters Spell out ‘Rig It’ Behind Clinton at Debate

By pure coincidence, the words “rig it” appeared behind Hillary Clinton during the third presidential debate. The Hill reports: Letters spelling out “rig it” were seen next to Hillary Clinton’s head during the final debate between the Democratic presidential nominee … Read More

Gracious Letter Bush 41 Gave Bill Clinton upon Leaving Office Goes Viral After Debate

A letter, written by George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton, has gone viral. The Hill reports: A 1993 letter written by George H.W. Bush on his last day in office wishing Bill Clinton well has resurfaced following the final presidential … Read More

Clinton’s Debate Wardrobe Theme: Red, White and Blue

Hillary Clinton selected her debate outfits to perfectly match the American flag. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton carried a patriotic theme through the three presidential debates by wearing red, blue and then white in each of the matchups. The pattern … Read More