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Daily Archives: October 22, 2016

Reuters Projects Clinton to Win with 326 Electoral Votes

A recent Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation study shows that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton is on pace for a big win over Donald Trump on Election Day, according … Read More

Stephen King: My next Horror Story Will Be About Trump

Stephen King has come out against Donald Trump, joking that Trump may just be the next subject of his next book. The Hill reports: Author Stephen King has found his newest plot. The horror novelist joked on Twitter on Friday … Read More

220 Years Ago, George Washington Warned Us About Trump

U.S. Navy Captain John Plumb believes that George Washington warned the American people about the rise of people like Donald Trump, and how Trump’s rise would harm the U.S. The Hill reports: In the U.S. military, George Washington is regarded … Read More

Richard Branson: Trump Focused on ‘Destroying’ Those Who Didn’t Help Him

Richard Branson has come out against Donald Trump, claiming that Trump is vindictive and that he does not have the qualities to be a good President. The Hill reports: Billionaire Richard Branson claims Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump once told … Read More

Emails Show Clinton Camp’s Plans to Work with Writers to Hit Sanders

New Wikileaks emails show that the Clinton campaign coordinated with the media against Bernie Sanders. The Hill reports: A new batch of hacked emails released Friday revealed that the Hillary Clinton campaign worked to coordinate with liberal bloggers to indirectly … Read More

Salma Hayek: Trump Planted Story About My Height After I Denied Him a Date

Actress Salma Hayek claimed that Donald Trump once asked her out, and made up rumors about her when she said no. The Hill reports: Salma Hayek told a radio show Friday that Donald Trump once attempted to date her, only … Read More